Sitemap - 2023 - The Ankler.

☀️AI Expands; SAG-AFTRA Authorizes Video Game Strike

Well That Was Fun

☀️WGA DEAL Next Steps; Box Office Hits New Low

ICYMI: Strike Denouement

Transcript: A Town Holds its Breath

The Lines that Define our Lives

Bombshell Agency Text Rocks Friday Night as No Deal is Reached

A Town Holds its Breath


Michael Wolff Excerpt: Rupert Murdoch's Family Drama, Brilliance and Brutality

Trying to Fire Your Agent

Transcript: Trying to Fire Your Agent

☀️ Rupert hands keys to Lachlan, as FOX loses WWE Smackdown

No-Show Joe: Strikes Turn L.A. Into Dems Fundraising Desert

☀️WBD delivers 2nd Major Cable Bundle blow this week

Paid Subscriber Bonus: Sports Melt the Cable TV Bundle

Rushfield: Why Don't the Legacy Studios Break Off?

☀️DISNEY's MNF Shift Ends Cable-NFL Lock

Mini-Rooms and Hollywood Decision Paralysis

The Ankler 'In Conversation' Live Series to Launch Next Month

☀️Box Office has 2nd Worst 2023 Wknd; HBO Sunday Woes Emerge

ICYMI: Leadership Abyss

Transcript: Lies, Whispers, Rumors: a Strike Struck

Fantasy Culture and the Flight from Reality

Apple Suspends Numerous Overall Deals as Strike Rages On

Lies, Whispers, Rumors: a Strike Struck

☀️🎧 The Disney Succession Challenge; Iger's Inner Circle

Inside the Era of Bob Iger 2.0

The American Viewer: What We Get Wrong About Audience

☀️ DISNEY Joins TV Deal Suspension Pileup

The Clooney Maneuver

Friend or Foe? Agents, WGA and the Barris/Hawley Rumor Debacle

Transcript: The Clooney Maneuver

☀️NETFLIX Film Chart Bottoms Out Before Huge Fall Spree Begins

Rushfield: Sorry Tale of Two Letters

☀️ Cable TV still screwed as CHARTER wins DISNEY war

☀️Disney-Charter WAR GAMES, Nun II 💰

ICYMI: Memo from Toronto

Transcript: Nightmare Scenario of January 2024

Data Transparency Is a Double-Edged Sword

Nightmare Scenario of January 2024

☀️CAA Sold! CHARTER doubles down on DISNEY blackout

☀️Summer 🎥 Studio Scorecard: Ranking ROI on Every Movie

Inside Hollywood's SBF Mad Scramble

Inside Hollywood's SBF Mad Scramble

☀️WBD & PAR CEOs to Wall St: We Are Not DISNEY

The Ankler x Wakeup Summer Box Office Finale

No One is Irreplaceable

Transcript: No One is Irreplaceable

Myth of the Hollywood Dream Job

Transcript: Myth of the Hollywood Dream Job

☀️ROKU sets 3rd Layoff in a year, with Multi-Million 💰 write-offs

Rushfield: Time for the Relief Pitchers

Roger Ebert's 10 Best Movies of '99: When Hollywood Was Hollywood

☀️Equalizer 3 rules as Oppenheimer tops Guardians Vol. 3 globally

ICYMI: Brutal Mailbag, Bomb Drop Ends Summer

Erotic Thrillers: Unsung Heroes of Home Video

Transcript: How to Quit Hollywood

How to Quit Hollywood

☀️CHARTER fires Big Warning Shot at DISNEY & Hollywood Studios 💰

FBI Investigating Suspicious Package Sent to Lionsgate

Max's First 100 Days: Inside Zaslav's Gamble

☀️CAA Sale a few weeks away, per new report

Ode to My Teacher

Transcript: Ode to My Teacher

My Crazy CBS Pilot Trainwreck

☀️ NETFLIX's Sandler Magic Stumbles in Family Pic

Rushfield: When the Lights Go On Again

Succession | For Your Emmy® Consideration

☀️BARBIE takes 3-day crown in Wknd 6, as DISNEY TV cost-cutting continues

ICYMI: As the Toll Mounts...

Transcript: 'My Year is Gone Career-Wise'

Rise and Fall of the Brothers Warner

The Rise and Fall of the Brothers Warner

'My Year is Gone Career-Wise'

☀️ WB Punts Dune 2 to 2024; OSCAR Kickoff Chaos Looms

Emmy®-nominated SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is “comedy gold”

'So Bad, So Depressed, So Scared': the Human Toll of Summer's Strike

'So Bad, So Depressed, So Scared': the Human Toll of Summer's Strike

☀️AMC THEATERS Stock Plummets -50% this week, what's afoot...

The Last of Us | For Your Emmy® Consideration

Crying Outside the Studio Gates

Transcript: Crying Outside the Studio Gates

☀️ WGA Hits Back at AMPTP; NETFLIX Films Animation woes continue

How Trust Died in Hollywood. And How to Get it Back

Rushfield: Who's Killing R-Rated Comedies?

☀️How DISNEY+ Price Hikes Get Iger to Profitability-ish

London Sanders Joins The Ankler as Head of Sales

☀️BEETLE flails, STRAYS tanks as Strike PR woes take toll

ICYMI: Lina Khan Looks Inside Our Pandora's Box

Transcript: Leaks, Meetings & Calls. Oh My!

On Vacation: When Hollywood was Hollywood

Transcript: Why We Need to Know What’s Failing

Why We Need to Know What’s Failing

Leaks, Meetings & Calls. Oh My!

FYC | Emmy® Nominated LAST FLIGHT HOME

☀️ The Streamer Q2 Business Rankings

Rushfield: Strike's Grand Finale is Nigh

Succession | For Your Emmy® Consideration

Sports Docs are Shooting Bricks on Streaming

☀️Layoffs keep rolling in at WBD

A Foolish Gamble

Transcript: A Foolish Gamble

Emmy®-nominated LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS 'truly excels'

Lina Khan Q&A: Hollywood 'Red Flags', 'Doom Loop' & the Future of M&A

☀️ Gal Gadot opens big on NETFLIX Films chart (but not JLo big)

Emmy® Nominated LAST FLIGHT HOME Will Capture Your Heart

Rushfield: Satan's Plan for Hollywood

☀️Cord Cutting & Rate Hikes - FOX NEWS Case Study reveals Cable TV's fate

☀️UNI's Demeter DOA, as BARBIE's lead on TOP GUN & MARIO grows

Law Firm Investigated CBS News Co-Chief Before Abrupt Exit

ICYMI: A Blockbuster Essay

Transcript: 'It Will Surprise Us How Fast it Can Disappear'

How to Start a Film Studio in 2023

'It Will Surprise Us How Fast it Can Disappear'

Rushfield Jamboree: The Great Entertainment Semi-Finals

☀️DIS Hikes Prices... again, as Linear TV gets slammed in Q2

Are You Boring?

Transcript: Are You Boring?

Private Equity: Barbarians at the Hollywood Gates

☀️ DISNEY's $2 Billion Gambling Bet; Strikes hit ENDEAVOR's 💰 Numbers

Rushfield: William Friedkin and What Hollywood Has Lost

☀️How PAR's Many Q2 Biz Negatives Resulted in a Wall Street Positive

Death Spiral of Hollywood Monopolies

☀️4 Films top $25+ Mil as MEG, TURTLES beat expectations


Transcript: The Studio Exec Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’

How 2023's Oddest Box Office Hit 'Paid It Forward'

The Studio Exec Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’

WBD and the Struggle of Legacy Studios

Transcript: WBD and the Struggle of Legacy Studios

☀️ APPLE & AMAZON Q2 🤐 on Ent, as Streaming Remains Side Hustle

The Truth About Slow-Grow Hits and TV's Second Seasons

☀️WBD Streaming Growth Stalls, Ad $ Falls, but Cash Abounds in Q2

Power of an Enemies List

Power of an Enemies List

Hollywood's Brutal Web3 Hangover

☀️WGA & AMPTP to talk; Jackie Chan 2018 rules NETFLIX Film Chart

Rushfield: The Next 100 Days Nightmare

☀️SIRIUSXM sets Market for new DtoC Launch in late 2024

☀️DISNEY Summer Ends with HAUNTED whimper as A24 scores

ICYMI: Even Wall St. Isn't Feeling It

Transcript: Studios, Strikers and a Tense Game of Chicken

Hollywood's Hopes in China Are Fading

Hollywood's China Hopes Are Fading

☀️ ROKU stock jumps +20% on Q2 Revenue increase

Studios, Strikers and a Tense Game of Chicken

☀️PEACOCK loses $651 Mil in Q2, COMCAST stock +7%... here's why

A Piece of the Action

Transcript: A Piece of the Action

Business Affairs Exec: How to Truly ‘Preserve the Writers' Room’

☀️ YOUTUBE $ Growth Returns; WB's Summer 💰Saved (for now)

Rushfield: Flukes in the Ointment

☀️SPOTIFY still can't find a Profit as they beat Q2 Subs projections

‘Idiots’: Wall Street Analysts Unload on Hollywood

☀️BARBENHEIMER nabs 4th Biggest Box Office Wknd Ever, with big IMAX assist

ICYMI: Barbenheimer at the Gates

Transcript: The Raw Deal Point Roiling Hollywood

Netflix's Soft Earnings and the 'Barbenheimmer' Juggernaut

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland: 'It Takes Two to Tango...the Companies Aren't Stepping Up'

Transcript: Duncan Crabtree-Ireland: 'It Takes Two to Tango...the Companies Aren't Stepping Up'

The Raw Deal Point Roiling Hollywood

☀️ BARBENHEIMER Lessons to Remember; Meet Showrunner AI

Hollywood Should Share Profits. Here's How

☀️NETFLIX puts Q2 Strike 💰 Bonanza into... Stock Buybacks

The Porn Bellwether

Transcript: The Porn Bellwether

Claire Atkinson Joins The Ankler as a Contributing Editor

☀️ NETFLIX kills US Basic plan; Preview of Q2 Earnings Expectations

Rushfield: Sum of All Fears, 2023

☀️PEACOCK Hikes Price, as Streaming ‘saves’ Fall Broadcast TV

☀️ MI:7 opens... fine, as Jim Caviezel has Summer's massive sleeper hit 🤯

ICYMI: Pit in a Town's Stomach

Transcript: Iger, Ire, Actors: Apocalypse Now

What If Evel Knievel Had Run for President?

A CNN Star's Big Side Hustle

Iger, Ire, Actors: Apocalypse Now

☀️ CAA reportedly in majority sale talks

Rushfield: Impeach the Poobahs

☀️ Iger calls Unions Unrealistic as SAG (likely) to Shutdown Town

The Miserable Multitasking Multiverse

Transcript: The Miserable Multitasking Multiverse

Confessions of a Business Affairs Exec

☀️Ari, Bryan & the Feds, oh my! SAG deal goes down to the wire

Rushfield: Genius Summit at Sun Valley

☀️Mid-Summer Studio Movie Biz Scorecard: The 🏆 Goes to…

☀️INSIDIOUS gives SONY 2nd Summer hit, as JOY RIDE stumbles

ICYMI: Boiling Point

Hollywood's Perfect Storm

Hollywood's Real Estate Romance is Over

AI: Yes, Hollywood, You Should Be Afraid

☀️ NETFLIX Films Animation can't find a new hit

Wild Kingdom: Which Hollywood Animal are You?

Transcript: Wild Kingdom - Which Hollywood Animal Are You?

Rushfield: It's Time to Fight Back

☀️INDY Opens to FLASH Numbers in July 4th Wash Out

ICYMI: As the Town Holds its Collective Breath

A Decade of Big Muscles and Bigger Egos

Peak Hustle on the Picket Line

Transcript: The Murky Definition of a Hit Show

☀️ H'wood Purge: PAR+ axes more SHO Series orders from the slate

The Murky Definition of a Hit Show

Exclusive: Writer-Directors Launch Union Solidarity Coalition

Learnings from Disney’s Purge of 100+ TV Shows and Films

☀️PAR sets Mob pic for THE BEAR creator; TCM Reign Pain

Never Read the Comments

Transcript: Never Read the Comments

☀️Advantage JLo: Hemsworth comes up short on NETFLIX Films chart

Rushfield: SAG, WGA and War Games Ahead

☀️ NETFLIX dumps Basic tier in CANADA, why US could be next

☀️ SPIDEY Owns June as FLASH Disaster Grows at the Box Office

ICYMI: A Miserable Week for Moguls

Transcript: Iger, Zaslav and the Hollywood CEO Crisis

New Doc Examines How Vets Are Recruited by Militias

New Doc Reveals How Vets Are Recruited by Militias

Iger, Zaslav and the Hollywood CEO Crisis

☀️ Cue DEFCON 3: Why the 2023 Studios Mantra is now Sell Everything!

The Rehearsal | For Your Emmy® Consideration

Rushfield: 'The Flash' Flop Detectives

☀️MORE Layoffs, Filmmaker Fury: WBD's Very Bad Week Continues

FYC | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Outstanding Talk Series

I Miss My Father

Transcript: I Miss My Father

☀️EXTRACTION can't catch Sandler or JLo on the NETFLIX Films chart

Rushfield: How to Fix the David Zaslav Problem

FYC | Late Night With Seth Meyers | Outstanding Talk Series

☀️WB's DC 2023 issues don't end with The Flash - a look at the numbers ahead

IP Picks🔎: Alien 'Abductions' and an African CIA Assassination

ICYMI: Indie Agony, Movies at Mid-Year

Transcript: Inside Bob Iger's Ticking Timeline

Transcript: Let's-a-Go! How Universal Found a Brand-New Customer

How Universal Found a Brand-New Customer

Let's-a-Go! How Universal Found a Brand-New Customer

Inside Bob Iger's Ticking Timeline

White House Plumbers | For Your Emmy® Consideration

Rushfield: Disney's C-Suite Shuffles, Again

HELEN MIRREN and HARRISON FORD Command the Screen in 1923: “A Sprawling Saga of Land, Power and Ambition"

Residuals: The Worst-of-Both-Worlds Scenario

☀️SEARCHLIGHT gets Bradley Cooper, Will Arnett film package; My Ankler-versary! 🍻

Delusional and Arrogant

Transcript: Delusional and Arrogant

☀️NETFLIX Top Films hit 2023 Low as JLO solidifies All-Time Top 10 position

Rushfield: Invasion of the Globey Snatchers

☀️NETFLIX eyes Live Sports entry with Golf event

Helen Mirren & Harrison Ford "Take Star Power to the Next Level" in 1923

☀️TRANSFORMERS delivers; MERMAID in real global trouble

ICYMI: Agent vs. Agent Throwdown

Transcript: The Agency Titans Showdown

Just Don't Call it 'Reality' TV

The Agency Titans Showdown

☀️ Ryan Reynolds sets his next APPLE / SKYDANCE film

Stallone Has a 'Gift for Comedy' in TULSA KING

Now it's Personal: Ari vs. Bryan

☀️ AMAZON Ad Tier in motion for PRIME VIDEO

The A.I. Panic

Transcript: The A.I. Panic

☀️Licht Out at CNN; NETFLIX Summer Movie Drought bridged by Int'l Films

Rushfield: After The DGA - The Sound of Silence

☀️Strike #PainPoints: How Wall Street & the Business Calendar could end the strike

☀️SPIDER-MAN shocks with Top Summer opening, as MERMAID troubles mount

ICYMI: DGA Deal; Execs' Awkward Summer

Tribeca and the Evolution of the Film Festival

Transcript: Hollywood Execs' Summer Bummer

Hollywood Execs' Summer Bummer

☀️UNI sets The Rock for a new FAST & FURIOUS pic before FAST X 2

Rushfield: Ariology, Saudis and Maxonomics

Business Affairs: Good Cop/Bad Cop of the Streaming Wars

☀️Streaming Ad Tiers Can't Keep Up with Linear TV Ad Losses

Execs on Eggshells: 'This Puts Us in a Weird Place'

☀️NETFLIX doubles down on Over-40 Female-led action pic muscle

Rushfield: The Rube Goldberg Nightmare of 2023

Last Few Hours! 25% Off The Ankler

☀️ MERMAID shows Int'l trouble, but hits US expectations (mostly)

ICYMI: 2-Day Sale, an Award, and the 6-Month Scenario

Transcript: The Data that Determines What We Watch

The Data that Determines What We Watch

Hurry! A Few Hours Left! 25% Off The Ankler

Summer's High Stakes Movie Showdown

Transcript: Summer's High Stakes Movie Showdown

☀️LIONSGATE Q1 shows the 💰 power of having a Studio-caliber Library

Lazy as a Business Model

Transcript: Lazy as a Business Model

☀️'Vicious Cycle': Studios Repeating Cable Mi$takes in Streaming - a #MediaNerd special

'Yellowstone' and Hollywood's Quiet Pivot to Showing Gun Safety Onscreen

☀️The NETFLIX Password Crackdown - How will Sub #s shake out

Rushfield: The 6-Month Shutdown Scenario

☀️NETFLIX makes rare North America-only deal for Todd Haynes CANNES pic 🧐

☀️ FAST X hits 3rd biggest franchise opening; Specialty still 👎 going into Summer

ICYMI: Love, War & Our 'Uncensored Lowdown'

Transcript: How Much Free Work Do Writers Do to Get Paid Work?

Transcript: Hollywood's Disappearing ATM Machine

Finding Love on the Picket Lines

How Much Free Work Do Writers Do to Get Paid Work?

Hollywood's Disappearing ATM Machine

☀️How Hollywood 'Killed its Own Golden Goose': a #MediaNerd Special

Disney and Netflix Content Cuts Should Worry the WGA

☀️Deciphering the Fuzzy Math behind Netflix's Ad-Tier Numbers

The Comedy Problem

The Comedy Problem

☀️ JLo's Streaming star is minted at NETFLIX, as ABC goes script-less this Fall

Rushfield: 8 Faultlines for a Long, Hot Summer

☀️A number$ dive into PEACOCK's NFL Sneak as next Streamer to get Excl Games

Transcript: How Writers are Winning the Strike Narrative

☀️BOOK CLUB 2 adds to FOCUS's bad run, as CANNES projects heat up

ICYMI: End of the Streaming Wars, Showrunner Crisis, the Standoff

Is the Superhero Boom Officially Over?

How Writers are Winning the Strike Narrative

☀️NBCU Ad chief out 3 days before Upfronts; Q1 Cable TV bundle melt rate pops +50%

☀️Iger increasing Chapek's DIS+ price hike, adds $1.5 Bil+ to The Great Studio Content Write-off

Showrunner Crisis: 'It's a Sweatshop at the Top'

An Email from 'Assistant 3'

Transcript: An Email From 'Assistant 3'

☀️PARAMOUNT swings hatchet at Cable Networks, as 9 teams become... 1 group

Strikegeist Daily: Violence at the Gates

Rushfield: The Very Bad Choices That Led Us Here

☀️ Ad Biz losses & DOMINION hit FOX, as SUPER BOWL can't save Q1 profitability

☀️GUARDIANS hits tracking(ish) as SONY is KO'd for 2nd time in 2 weeks

ICYMI: Peter Rice's Next Act, Reality TV in the Strike

How Do You Bring the (Fake) Real Pete Davidson to Life?

Warning Signs from Week One of the Strike

☀️The State of WBD: Reading Between the Q1 Numbers

When Does Linear TV Actually Die?

Peter Rice's Next Act; Prince Harry's 'SNL' Flip-Flop

☀️PAR stock plummets on Q1 results, as Streaming losses grow 12%

On the Ground with the WGA Picketers

Vanish and Reappear

Transcript: Vanish and Reappear

☀️WGA Strike will be a long game on Wall Street & Madison Ave

Rushfield: Day One of Hollywood Dystopia

☀️WGA on Strike - what lies ahead in May; VICE preps Bankruptcy

0️⃣ Days to the Abyss: I Warned You

Strike Watch: Reality TV to the Rescue? Not So Fast

☀️Stocks Fell but Top Exec Pay 🚀 in ‘22; EVIL DEAD shows Theatrical power at WBD

ICYMI: It's Down to the Wire

Rushfield's CinemaCon: The Scorecard

Transcript: What Really Happened in Vegas

What's to Come in 'The Streaming Wars'

What Really Happened in Vegas

☀️CHARTER confirms Cable TV bundle melt is getting worse, as repercussions mount

Meet Strikegeist, Our New Strike Newsletter

☀️ PEACOCK Q1 losses increase 50% as Subs add 2 Million

The Japanese Toilet Paradigm

Transcript: The Japanese Toilet Paradigm

☀️DISNEY pinkslips hit Marketing & Comms; YOUTUBE $ falls short again

Rushfield at CinemaCon: 'The Punditocracy Pissed on Your Business'

☀️DISNEY Layoffs Day 1 target TV Studios biz, as Shellshock CNBC contract dispute enters fray

☀️Disney Layoffs Begin, as Shell Ousting Details emerge at NBCU

Rushfield: SHELLSHOCK!

ICYMI: Hollywood Searches for Escape Routes

Transcript: The Dark Underbelly of 'Love is Blind'

Going to the Movies: Still the Best Value Around

The Dark Underbelly of 'Love is Blind'

☀️NETFLIX orders Supernatural series with Stranger Things creators as EP's

☀️UFC piracy tops other major US Sports early Q1 event comps

‘South Park’ Drama: Paramount Files $50M Counterclaim Against Warner Bros.

Where Hollywood Finds New Careers: 'It's Hard to Land Right Now'

Force Majeure

Transcript: Force Majeure

☀️Inside NETFLIX's quiet Q1, but a strike? Eh, we're fine.

Transcript: Netflix Earnings: What We Learned

Netflix Earnings: What We Learned

Rushfield: Who'll Blink First?

☀️BLUMHOUSE & McAvoy re-team for new thriller at UNI

☀️Tale of 2 UNIs: MARIO astounds again... as RENFIELD bleeds red ink

ICYMI: Our New Hire, Attack of Max

Transcript: Dr. Pimple Popper Meets Harry Potter

Summer Box Office Preview

Dr. Pimple Popper Meets Harry Potter

☀️Austerity hits Broadcast TV as more talent is asked to take Fall $$ cuts

Netflix's Worst-Case Scenario, One Year Later

☀️The Cliffs Notes guide to the WBD MAX presentation

Drop the ‘HBO.’ Just ‘Max.’ It’s Cleaner (Wait - Is It?)

'This TOTALLY Works'

☀️Sandler & Aniston still dominate - but Old DWA Family Pics surge on NETFLIX Film Chart

Transcript: 'This TOTALLY Works'

Rushfield: 19 Days to Go - Who Will Move this Industry Forward?

☀️Case Study: UFC-WWE TV 💰 vs. DtoC Streaming 💰

☀️SUPER MARIO smashes records, as Hollywood falls WAY behind on Family film output

ICYMI: Age, Apple + Disney, Our Award Nom!

Transcript: Hollywood's Grey Ceiling

Will the WWE-UFC Merger Amp Up the Streaming Arms Race?

Hollywood's New Grey Ceiling

☀️ The Coming Years in IGER: What (May) Lay Ahead for DISNEY

Proof that Studios (and Streamers) NEED to Release Films in Theaters

☀️APPLE gets Keanu & Jonah dark comedy with industry undercurrents

Write Yourself Back In

Transcript: Write Yourself Back In

Everyone Who Ran Hollywood Used to be Young. What Happened?

☀️Sandler rules NETFLIX again, as DeNiro sets 2nd TV project in a row

Rushfield: Apple + Disney - Maybe Not So Crazy?

☀️SHO scraps & shops a $90 Mil TV series; APPLE sets SONY deal for Ridley pic

☀️Breaking down the ENDEAVOR / WWE deal, as PAR'S DRAGONS tops expectations

Transcript: Strikes, Firings and the (Possible) Mother of All Mergers

ICYMI: Loyalty, Firings & Force Majeure

Are Video Games the New Comic Books?

Strikes, Firings and the (Possible) Mother of All Mergers

☀️Longtime NETFLIX Film execs out as Stuber streamlines division

☀️WBD top execs get 2022 pay raises; MARVEL ENT Chairman out at DISNEY

A Tale of Two Larrys

Layoffs, Anxiety and the Death of Company Loyalty: 'The Seats We Sit in Are All Rented'

Transcript: A Tale of Two Larrys

☀️NFL sets new REDBIRD partnership for Sunday Ticket commercial rights

Rushfield: Streamers' Catch-22 in a Strike

☀️ APPLE / PARAMOUNT relationship to start in Oct with Scorsese pic

☀️WICK soars as SHAZAM! plummets at the box office

Tom Ryan: The Future of FASTs in Streaming

The Ankler Podcast: Tom Ryan

ICYMI: Tick, Tick, Tick...

How Theatrical Exhibition Helps Stave Off Piracy

A Showdown Over Streaming Economics

☀️APPLE commits $1B to Theaters; the state of Theatrical Strategy everywhere else

Netflix's New Fight? Old Shows

☀️HULU is over 50% of DISNEY Streaming's 💰 - a look inside the numbers to help understand its future

What Happens in Episode Two?

Transcript: What Happens in Episode 2?

☀️DISNEY layoffs loom as MARVEL 2023 Series launch timetables get erased

Rushfield: The Writers' Bill of Rights

☀️ DISNEY launches new HULU Movie & Series distro experiments

☀️SHAZAM hits trouble, as CREED III tops previous pics in just 3 weekends

ICYMI: Drugs, 'Gaslighting' and Existential Crises

Can the Drive-In Survive?

Is it Worth Working in Hollywood Anymore?

☀️YOUTUBE TV hikes price, more than Doubles cost since launch

How Raising TV's Flat-Rate Residuals Could Backfire

Rich Paul: 'Don't Get Comfortable Having a Lot of Money'

☀️James Gunn sets James Gunn to kick off new DC era with 2025 SUPERMAN pic

The Ankler Podcast: Rich Paul

The Urgent Need for Ratings Transparency

Everyone is On Something

☀️NETFLIX kills $150 Mil Rom-Com as LUTHER tops Eddie, Reese opening weekends

Martini Shot: Everyone is on Something (Transcript)

☀️NETFLIX begins exploring new Ad Tier tech options outside of MICROSOFT

'It Was a Great Show': Bruce Vilanch Unpacks the Oscars

Rushfield: Seems Like Old Times at the Oscars

☀️SCREAM kills the Box Office, EVERYWHERE takes Everything at the OSCARS

ICYMI: Strike, Streaming's Inflection, Cast Your Last Oscar Vote!

NXStream Global: Photo Scroll

Jeremy Zimmer: I'm Siding With the WGA

The Ankler: Jeremy Zimmer

The Best Stunts of 2022, Rewarded

Streaming's Reckoning: Industry Titans Speak Up

Tony Vinciquerra: Will Smith, the 'Woman King' Snub & Spider-Man's Future

The Ankler Podcast: Tony Vinciquerra

☀️ Iger speaks! A look into the tea leaves from his latest public comments

☀️SPOTIFY goes TIKTOK meets TINDER for Music in launching new mobile interface

Martini Shot: Hollywood Org Chart

☀️AMAZON gets next Jonathan Majors pic, with Spike Lee circling

Rushfield: 55 Days to the Abyss

☀️ WBD signals global ambitions with HBO Int'l deal renewals, as new Exec bonus structure is set


☀️CREED III blows away tracking for MGM, as ANT-MAN fast descent continues

ICYMI: New Big Names Join Our Lineup

The Drama Behind Hollywood's Biggest Night

Hollywood at War: Now and Then

☀️ True Detective creator sets next series at AMAZON

Bob Iger's First 100 Days: the Report Card


Rushfield: Ant-Man, Astrology, Snow & I Spy

☀️ DeNiro does TV for the 1st time at NETFLIX, as ESPN sets new leadership under Pitaro

Martini Shot: Do You Party?

'Gone With the Wind': The Explosive Lost Scenes

About David Vincent Kimel

☀️ENDEAVOR talks WME Strike exposure and big $$ targets for 2023

FYC - AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER – 4 Academy Award® Nominations including BEST PICTURE | Bringing Director James Cameron’s Extraordinary Vision to Life

Rushfield: 62 Days to the Abyss

☀️ VICE sets new CEOs, DeSantis swipes DISNEY governing status

☀️ COCAINE and JESUS over perform as ANT-MAN has worst 2nd wknd ever for MARVEL

ICYMI: Our New Hire; Writers' Reckoning; the VF Profile

Will the WGA Strike? Can It Afford Not To?

Richard Rushfield's Star Prom Date

THE FABELMANS | Nominated for 7 Academy Awards Including Best Picture | Go Behind the Scenes with the Filmmakers & Cast

☀️WBD Q4 Earnings reveal what’s coming as Int’l Streaming Growth freezes

☀️NETFLIX adds the NFL to its budding Sports series partnership roster

☀️Studio pics dominate NETFLIX Top 10 Films chart, as REGAL US Theaters get 0 buy offers

Rushfield: 70 Days to the Abyss

☀️Inside ANT-MAN opening #s as Box Office is +50% in 2023 so far

ICYMI: Hollywood Then and Now; Industry Romance; Exec Malaise

The Lost Photos: When Hollywood Was Hollywood

David Thomson on the Magic of Acting

What's Eating Hollywood Execs?

☀️AMC NETWORKS beats Q4 $ expectations, but core Cable biz continues to fade away

Explaining the New Stark 'Un-Order' Economy

☀️PARAMOUNT writing off up to $1.5 Bil in Content, sets P+ price increases

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