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Netflix's New Fight? Old Shows

☀️HULU is over 50% of DISNEY Streaming's 💰 - a look inside the numbers to help understand its future

What Happens in Episode Two?

Transcript: What Happens in Episode 2?

☀️DISNEY layoffs loom as MARVEL 2023 Series launch timetables get erased

Rushfield: The Writers' Bill of Rights

☀️ DISNEY launches new HULU Movie & Series distro experiments

☀️SHAZAM hits trouble, as CREED III tops previous pics in just 3 weekends

ICYMI: Drugs, 'Gaslighting' and Existential Crises

Can the Drive-In Survive?

Is it Worth Working in Hollywood Anymore?

☀️YOUTUBE TV hikes price, more than Doubles cost since launch

How Raising TV's Flat-Rate Residuals Could Backfire

Rich Paul: 'Don't Get Comfortable Having a Lot of Money'

☀️James Gunn sets James Gunn to kick off new DC era with 2025 SUPERMAN pic

The Ankler Podcast: Rich Paul

The Urgent Need for Ratings Transparency

Everyone is On Something

☀️NETFLIX kills $150 Mil Rom-Com as LUTHER tops Eddie, Reese opening weekends

Martini Shot: Everyone is on Something (Transcript)

☀️NETFLIX begins exploring new Ad Tier tech options outside of MICROSOFT

'It Was a Great Show': Bruce Vilanch Unpacks the Oscars

Rushfield: Seems Like Old Times at the Oscars

☀️SCREAM kills the Box Office, EVERYWHERE takes Everything at the OSCARS

ICYMI: Strike, Streaming's Inflection, Cast Your Last Oscar Vote!

NXStream Global: Photo Scroll

Jeremy Zimmer: I'm Siding With the WGA

The Ankler: Jeremy Zimmer

The Best Stunts of 2022, Rewarded

Streaming's Reckoning: Industry Titans Speak Up

Tony Vinciquerra: Will Smith, the 'Woman King' Snub & Spider-Man's Future

The Ankler Podcast: Tony Vinciquerra

☀️ Iger speaks! A look into the tea leaves from his latest public comments

☀️SPOTIFY goes TIKTOK meets TINDER for Music in launching new mobile interface

Martini Shot: Hollywood Org Chart

☀️AMAZON gets next Jonathan Majors pic, with Spike Lee circling

Rushfield: 55 Days to the Abyss

☀️ WBD signals global ambitions with HBO Int'l deal renewals, as new Exec bonus structure is set


☀️CREED III blows away tracking for MGM, as ANT-MAN fast descent continues

ICYMI: New Big Names Join Our Lineup

The Drama Behind Hollywood's Biggest Night

Hollywood at War: Now and Then

☀️ True Detective creator sets next series at AMAZON

Bob Iger's First 100 Days: the Report Card


Rushfield: Ant-Man, Astrology, Snow & I Spy

☀️ DeNiro does TV for the 1st time at NETFLIX, as ESPN sets new leadership under Pitaro

Martini Shot: Do You Party?

'Gone With the Wind': The Explosive Lost Scenes

About David Vincent Kimel

☀️ENDEAVOR talks WME Strike exposure and big $$ targets for 2023

FYC - AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER – 4 Academy Award® Nominations including BEST PICTURE | Bringing Director James Cameron’s Extraordinary Vision to Life

Rushfield: 62 Days to the Abyss

☀️ VICE sets new CEOs, DeSantis swipes DISNEY governing status

☀️ COCAINE and JESUS over perform as ANT-MAN has worst 2nd wknd ever for MARVEL

ICYMI: Our New Hire; Writers' Reckoning; the VF Profile

Will the WGA Strike? Can It Afford Not To?

Richard Rushfield's Star Prom Date

THE FABELMANS | Nominated for 7 Academy Awards Including Best Picture | Go Behind the Scenes with the Filmmakers & Cast

☀️WBD Q4 Earnings reveal what’s coming as Int’l Streaming Growth freezes

☀️NETFLIX adds the NFL to its budding Sports series partnership roster

☀️Studio pics dominate NETFLIX Top 10 Films chart, as REGAL US Theaters get 0 buy offers

Rushfield: 70 Days to the Abyss

☀️Inside ANT-MAN opening #s as Box Office is +50% in 2023 so far

ICYMI: Hollywood Then and Now; Industry Romance; Exec Malaise

The Lost Photos: When Hollywood Was Hollywood

David Thomson on the Magic of Acting

What's Eating Hollywood Execs?

☀️AMC NETWORKS beats Q4 $ expectations, but core Cable biz continues to fade away

Explaining the New Stark 'Un-Order' Economy

☀️PARAMOUNT writing off up to $1.5 Bil in Content, sets P+ price increases

The Squeeze: Execs are Exhausted, Unsettled and Anxious

Martini Shot: Need vs. Want

☀️Reese & Kutcher can't top Jonah & Eddie NETFLIX opening numbers

Rushfield: Jenna Ortega and the A-List Challenge

Tony Vinciquerra, Tom Ryan, Rita Ferro, Jeremy Zimmer to Headline NXStream Global

☀️SHO cuts about 120 people - a look at leader changes as Chris McCarthy merges divisions

A Valentine's Day Hollywood Dating Manifesto

FYC ELVIS - Watch Director/Producer Baz Luhrmann, Triple Oscar Nominee Catherine Martin, Lead Actor Austin Butler, DP Mandy Walker and the Filmmaking Team on Their Epic and Emotional Journey

☀️Hollywood dominates SUPER BOWL Ads, as MAGIC MIKE leads big Box Office drop

ICYMI: Truth About Peacock; AI's Coming Impact

Glimpse of the Future Series

Theater: You Can Get Rich, But Making a Living Is Hard

How Hollywood AI Will Make 'Every Creative Job Look Different'

☀️DISNEY Shakeout Day 2; LIONSGATE sets Library Record as STARZ Stumbles in Q4

Secrets of Peacock’s Sudden Subscriber Boom

☀️Analyzing Iger's thrifty future as DIS+ loses Subs for 1st time ever

Rushfield's State of Showbiz: Enough!

Martini Shot: 'You Don't Remember Me, Do You?'

☀️WBD now keeping DISCO+ as a separate service when new HBOMAX launches

Glimpse of the Future: AI in Hollywood

☀️PAR+ creating SHOWTIME MCU, as YELLOWSTONE hits rumored Costner impasse

Glimpse of the Future: The 7 Streamers

☀️M. Night tops Box Office... but 80 FOR BRADY gets bigger audience

ICYMI: 'I Have to Live' Say Actors; Podcast Carnage

Shawn Ryan on Past WGA Negotiations and the Evolving Business

Actors' New Job Anxiety: 'Everyone's Afraid'

☀️NETFLIX Wins the Q4 FAANG Race as YOUTUBE $ Drop ends tough week

How Podcasts’ Gold Rush Crashed and Burned

☀️META has 1st Annual Revenue Loss Ever, but beats Wall Street fears in Q4

Martini Shot: Pitch Room Chit-Chat

The Squeeze: Actors on Shrinking Seasons, Residuals and Leaving L.A.

☀️SNAP stock drops 15% as they still can't find a Profit after a decade

FYC ELVIS – Watch ‘JUST A BOY FROM TUPELO: BRINGING ELVIS TO THE BIG SCREEN’ with Oscar Nominees Austin Butler, Mandy Walker, Catherine Martin, Gail Berman and Baz Luhrmann

Rushfield: Zaslav's Superhero Hail Mary

☀️SPOTIFY adds most Q4 Users ever, still loses hundreds of Millions $$

☀️OSCAR Nom Box Office bumps; PUSS IN BOOTS owns family market

ICYMI: Oscars, Sundance and Growing Old

Producer Dean Devlin Goes (Back) to Space

How to Age Gracefully in Hollywood

☀️Q4 Cord Cutting +17% so far vs. 2021, a dive into the numbers

How the Popular Kids Save Oscar Ratings

☀️PEACOCK loses $978 Million in Q4, adds 2 Mil subs in Dec to hit 20 Mil

☀️MADONNA-directed biopic shelved at UNI

Rushfield: Oscars + Sundance - A Reason To Believe


☀️MISSING delivers for SONY as 2023 Box Office rebound continues. ish.

ICYMI: Sundance Scene, Saved by the Bela, Sony's Greenstein

Rushfield: The Bela-Scott Shuffle at 6900 Feet

PaleyFest's Secret Weapon: Love

What to Know About Netflix's New Co-CEO

☀️NETFLIX overdelivers. again. Inside ARPU, Q4 Subscriber data trends and more

The Disney-Fox Deal: Who's Right?

☀️A NETFLIX Q4 Narratives Guide, plus Bev Hills Cop 4 is not a 2023 thing

Martini Shot: Digital Absolution

☀️NETFLIX drops 49 Film 2023 slate, as GLASS ONION can't catch ADAM PROJECT for 2022 title

Rushfield: Ask Not For Whom the Bela Toils

Why it Worked: The 'Otto' Surprise

☀️SONY wins the OTTO Lotto, blows past tracking sans NY & LA audiences


ICYMI: Disney Drama, Blum & Wan, Winnie the Pooh's Dark Turn, Sundance Soiree

The Heartache and Hope of Ryan Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER | FYC Best Picture

Scientifically Measuring Movie Love

The Disney Drama Continues!

You're Invited...

☀️NETFLIX takes CBS / PAR slot at TV Upfronts in May

Who's Gaining in the Race for Top U.S. Streamer?

☀️ GLOBES & College 🏈 Championship ratings hit all time lows

Why it Worked: Jason Blum and James Wan on 'M3GAN'

EMPIRE OF LIGHT a film by Sam Mendes | Screen NOW on the Academy Portal

Martini Shot: One Panic Attack Away

Rushfield: In the Room Where It Kinda Happened

☀️Blum & Wan in excl Wakeup interview, & uh The GLOBES happened 🤷‍♂️

☀️WBTV sets first big TV deal of the new WBD era with Greg Berlanti

Docs Shakeup! Davis Guggenheim Sets New Leadership Team

Steven Spielberg’s 'The Fabelmans' – For Your Consideration in All Categories Including Best Picture

☀️M3GAN blows away tracking, Box Office +67% vs. 2022 opening

ICYMI: Shawn Ryan vs. the Agent, a Brag, the Globes, Prince Harry

Ankler Poll: The Globes! And More!

The NFL vs. Awards Shows

☀️McMahon setting return to WWE with eyes to sell

2023: The Year of Churn Baby Churn, and...

☀️AMAZON bumps up planned 2023 layoff count about 80%

Shawn Ryan Pens a Letter to the Editor About a 'Big Agent'

Martini Shot: 'Congrats. I Guess'

☀️GLASS ONION scores biggest week for a NETFLIX Film in 2022

FYC ELVIS - GUILLERMO DEL TORO Joins Director BAZ LUHRMANN for a Special Conversation - Watch Now + Celebrate Elvis's Birthday on January 8 with Free Screenings in Select Cities Nationwide

Rushfield: 12 New Year's Resolutions to End the Sad Sack Era

☀️How ABC-ESPN handled the NFL shocker last night

☀️What the First 5 Months of 2023 will reveal