Apr 28 • 46M

What Really Happened in Vegas

CinemaCon scoop from Richard and Elaine; final days of WGA negotiations

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HAIL CAESARS Richard Rushfield in Barbie swag at CinemaCon. (Courtesy of Elaine Low)


If the theme of last year’s CinemaCon was “movies are back,” then this year’s is “movies are really back.” Richard Rushfield and Elaine Low join Sean McNulty to report what they saw during their three dizzying days at the Vegas pep rally, including the rise of R-rated comedies (again!) and the coming onslaught of summer movies. “We’re about to go from drought into the most crazy train wreck of blockbusters,” says Rushfield. Also: the unanswered questions as the WGA hurtles towards strike (21:39); what to read into the Disney layoffs (1:00), and Comcast’s new hierarchy with the sudden departure of Jeff Shell (32:08).

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