Jun 21 • 14M

I Miss My Father

Rob Long on losing your soul in L.A.

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Rob Long
When you’re filming a movie or a television show, when it’s the last shot of the day, the first assistant director will call out, “This is the Martini Shot!” I call these stories “Martini Shots” because they’re exactly the kinds of stories we tell — and lessons we learn — after we’ve wrapped for the day. - Rob Long
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Rob Long remembers a friend this week who was leaving his small town in Missouri to try to be a Hollywood writer. His mother’s parting advice? “Don’t lose your soul”— a fair warning to anyone in L.A., where self-doubt whispers you are not enough at all times. How to combat it? Well, move away for one. But the marshmallow test, peeled shrimp and his father, the late Jay Long, also have something to do with it.

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