Aug 25 • 39M

'My Year is Gone Career-Wise'

A striking actress on the heartbreak and anguish of the shutdown

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MARCH MADNESS Addie Weyrich (right) with fellow actress Vanessa Chester (left) and writer Alex O’Keefe, on the 100th day of the strike at the Netflix picket line on Aug. 9. (credit: Addie Weyrich)


Before the strike, actress Addie Weyrich (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) had been booked for an FX pilot. Today, she is waiting tables. In conversation with our hosts, she puts words and feeling to the escalating stakes from the vantage point of a picketer, as the fight for a new agreement, and mounting frustrations with the structure of an industry and its CEOs, grind on. It used to be ‘‘we’re a family, we all have the same goals,” says Weyrich. Now, “it’s like a dumb, evil villain — we can see what you are doing.” Like others, her career dreams also are on hold: “I cry every day,” she admits. The studios “are denying people to just be middle class.” Also: the AMPTP-WGA memo wars (3:21), waning sympathy for both sides around town (27:35), and the demise of the R-rated comedy (33:26).

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