Jan 13 • 44M

The Disney Drama Continues!

The unhappiest place on earth? To be in an activist investor's crosshairs

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Listen in as The Ankler team and industry insiders break down Hollywood’s latest business headlines, power struggles and trends shaping the future of entertainment.
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STREET FIGHTER In 2017, then (and again) CEO Bob Iger rang the bell at the NYSE with Mickey Mouse. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


This week, the Disney soap opera took even more twists with a board shake-up and vocal misgivings from today’s Hollywood bogeyman: the activist investor. Sean McNulty and Richard Rushfield unpack the welts from Nelson Peltz (which include a finger wag for the $71 billion purchase of Fox), and why Disney attracts so much drama. Also: Richard shares his view from the inside of the Golden Globes, its predictable ratings collapse, and what it augers for awards season. Lastly, with Richard jetting off to the Sundance Film Festival, the team talks about the indie sector’s theatrical wing all but in collapse, and what might come out of the confab. (Note, click here for a special invitation to an Ankler event for readers and listeners in Park City.)