Apr 21 • 44M

The Dark Underbelly of 'Love is Blind'

A reporter's scathing look at alleged cruelty on Netflix's juggernaut reality show; plus the DGA dance with the WGA

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ALTAR EGOS Love is Blind couple Micah Lussier and Paul Peden in the final episode of season four. (Courtesy of Netflix)


As Hollywood braces for a writers strike, one genre of television will remain unscathed: unscripted. But reality has its own pitfalls: recently Netflix juggernaut Love is Blind whiffed in its attempt to livestream its reunion episode. Today, Sean McNulty, Elaine Low and Richard Rushfield are joined by Insider’s Katie Warren, whose recent piece exposed horrifying work conditions on the show for contestants — a reminder of how inexpensive costs and inexperience make unscripted so budget-friendly to make. Also on tap: how the DGA is entangled in WGA negotiations (1:22), the migration of entertainment execs to the gaming world, as reported by Low (25:22), and what to expect at CinemaCon next week (38:21).

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