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About The Ankler

The Ankler is the flagship brand within Ankler Media, a company formed in January 2022 and helmed by Janice Min, CEO and editor in chief, and Richard Rushfield, editorial director and chief columnist.

Called a “hit Hollywood newsletter” by the New York Times, and one of Fast Company’s “9 Newsletters That Make You Smarter”, The Ankler newsletter launched in 2017 and quickly became the most buzzed-about voice in coverage of the entertainment industry. Created by veteran reporter Rushfield as a smart and sharp-edged alternative to traditional trade reporting, The Ankler was a much-passed-around grassroots phenomenon among industry leaders, referred to as the weekly “Memo to Hollywood”.

Today, The Ankler continues to reflect the inside conversation of Hollywood, staying true to the original mission of uncompromised information through an expanded suite of newsletters, series, features, news, analysis, podcasts and events. Our fast-growing audience of 70,000 subscribers includes nearly every entertainment CEO, Oscar-winning producers, directors and writers, actors, and a wide breadth of executives who live and breathe this industry.

Ankler Media also includes The Optionist, a must-read newsletter about intellectual property in Hollywood, and Strikegeist, a newsletter on the entertainment industry’s labor turmoil.



  • The Ankler Special features, articles and essays that we publish each week including Richard Rushfield’s flagship column on the latest in the industry.

  • The Wakeup Your M-F morning round-up of Hollywood and media news from Sean McNulty.

  • Entertainment Strategy Guy Our column analyzing the world of numbers and data from Hollywood’s most incisive analyst.

  • Hollywood Transom A peek at the rumors, scuttlebutt and gossip shaking the industry.

  • ICYMI Our Sunday roundup of the Ankler’s best stories and podcast episodes of the week



About Richard and Janice

Richard Rushfield

Richard has covered Hollywood and American culture as a reporter, editor and critic for over 20 years. A native of Los Angeles, he had a first career as a grassroots political field organizer, working for the 1992 campaign of Bill Clinton, among others. He began covering L.A. as a reporter for Los Angeles magazine, later working as a contributing editor of Vanity Fair and author of its long-running Intelligence Report column. Additionally, he was an editor and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, Gawker, BuzzFeed and Yahoo and was editor-in-chief of the website Hitfix. Richard is also the author of three books.

Janice Min

One of the most successful editors in publishing history, Min was previously co-president of the Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Entertainment Group, leading a publishing rebirth of The Hollywood Reporter called a “stunning transformation” by the New York Times. An Emmy winner, Min has been profiled by the New York Times and NPR, and received her alma mater Columbia Journalism School’s Alumni Award, two National Magazine Awards, and has been named Adweek’s Editor of the Year. She also helmed aughts-sensation Us Weekly, named Advertising Age’s Magazine of the Year and “Performer of the Decade” by Cappell Circulation Report. Min sits on the boards of Columbia Journalism School, UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

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