Mar 31 • 55M

Strikes, Firings and the (Possible) Mother of All Mergers

EMERGENCY! The entire Ankler team convenes to unpack an insane week of events

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Listen in as The Ankler team and industry insiders break down Hollywood’s latest business headlines, power struggles and trends shaping the future of entertainment.
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Hollywood’s tectonic plates are continuing their steady shift, this time with Netflix’s decision to part ways with longtime film execs Lisa Nishimura and Ian Bricke. The move raises the broader question of what other senior-level anklings are coming, an issue Elaine Low hit on in her reporting on Hollywood’s new workplace culture: “It's making people question, ‘what am I doing with my career?’” (32:25) Also: Martini Shot host and OG WGA member Rob Long explains why he flip-flopped and now supports the Guild’s demands (1:08); how a strike could affect release strategies and content creation pipelines (17:54), Richard Rushfield’s apocalyptic vision of the streamers’ strike game plan (34:47); and why the team is split on an analyst’s new recommendation that Apple should buy Disney (43:57).

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