Jun 2 • 33M

Hollywood Execs' Summer Bummer

One month into the strike, creative decision-makers are left wondering, 'what's my purpose?'

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Sandwiched in-between the writers and studio/streaming chiefs are Hollywood’s day-to-day creative executives, who find themselves in a rare slowdown — and assorted existential crises (to honk or not to honk?). According to contributor Nicole LaPorte, many feel private sympathy for the writers (while themselves also feeling the pinch of shrinking budgets and harsh consequences of streaming’s struggles). LaPorte joins Sean McNultyRichard Rushfield and Elaine Low to discuss her recent story — and the awkward dance in which middle execs are finding themselves. Also: how the WGA may or may not influence Netflix’s exec pay (17:17), the potential fragility of WGA-DGA unity (22:06) and the impact on struggling local businesses (28:58).

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