Feb 10 • 51M

How Hollywood AI Will Make 'Every Creative Job Look Different'

James Grimmelmann on the coming impact of new technologies

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Richard Rushfield
Janice Min
Sean McNulty
Listen in as The Ankler team and industry insiders break down Hollywood’s latest business headlines, power struggles and trends shaping the future of entertainment.
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REGENCY RIFF An AI-generated collage from our guest of costumes for a fictitious Bridgerton Christmas party scene. (Midjourney)


Few technological disruptors to the entertainment industry have appeared quite as fast, or as existentially forebodingly, as artificial intelligence. After ChatGPT, DALL-E and other new AI technologies became publicly available in recent months, Cornell Law professor James Grimmelmann says, “I could feel the ground shifting.” Today, he walks our hosts through samples of AI music, script-writing and visual effects, and the ways in which the industry may be forced to evolve. “I don’t think Hollywood should be afraid. But every person should be thinking how every creative job… is going to look different as a result of this.” Also on tap: what’s coming under Bob Iger’s second shot at Disney.

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