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Jeremy Zimmer: I'm Siding With the WGA

Jeremy Zimmer: I'm Siding With the WGA

In pointed conversation about the Oscars, dealmaking, streaming and stars, UTA's CEO says of writers, 'The things they're fighting for right now are fair and right'
Jeremy Zimmer interviewed by Janice Min on March 8. (credit: George Pimentel/Shutterstock)


This is second in a series of recorded conversations from the stage at NXStream Global, the March 8 summit held by Advertising Week and The Ankler at UTA. The first was with Tony Vinciquerra.

Further proof of the topsy-turvy world of entertainment? In 2019, the WGA bitterly broke with the big agencies over packaging fees (money collected by agents from TV buyers that essentially bypassed writers). Now, with a May 1 strike deadline approaching, Jeremy Zimmer, CEO and co-founder of UTA, came out swinging in support of better economics for writers in a sometimes blistering conversation about the state of entertainment at NXStream Global on March 8. On writers: “We're not talking about driving Bentleys or Mercedes. What we're talking about is making a good working wage.” (15:46). Pointedly, Zimmer also assessed the unprofitable state of streaming, the great un-ordering of series, and stardom (“the stars didn’t get smaller, the movies did”; 29:49). As for dealmaking? “Our buyers are in some phase of trying to figure out what business they want to be in.” (4:47)

For a full transcript of today’s conversation, click here.

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