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Streaming's Next 'Tooth and Nail' Fight
Streaming's Next 'Tooth and Nail' Fight
The pivot into advertising is off to a rough start: Journalist Sahil Patel on the shuffle inside Netflix as it misses first-year ad goals by half
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Netflix and Amazon jumped on the ad-tier bandwagon (albeit with different strategies) as the promise of infinite subscriber growth stalled out. “It’s an exciting time to be in streaming advertising, but it’s going to be like fighting tooth and [nail] to carve out your space,” says Sahil Patel, media reporter at The Information, who joins to explain the burgeoning streaming ads space, and the executive shuffle within Netflix it has wrought as numbers fall well below expectation. Also: Sean McNulty, Richard Rushfield and Elaine Low discuss George Clooney’s failed attempt to end the strike (2:54), Martin Scorsese’s return to the big screen (18:50) and the 100 days of the SAG strike (4:44).

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