Feb 3 • 43M

Actors' New Job Anxiety: 'Everyone's Afraid'

'Better Things' star Rebecca Metz gets personal about how hard it's become to make a living: 'I have a lot of friends who have left town'

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‘BETTER’ DAYS “It’s a war of attrition,” says Better Things star Rebecca Metz on the challenges facing actors today. “Some people just figure out how to survive.” (FX)


In what Mark Zuckerberg has deemed the “year of efficiency” — corporate-speak for layoffs and cost-cutting — economic pressures are being felt across Hollywood, from writers to producers to below-the-line workers and, of course, actors. Joining today, seasoned actress Rebecca Metz (Better ThingsShameless) reveals how unique circumstances for performers (shorter seasons, exclusivity windows, the disappearance of residuals) have taken a toll, even for those on hit series. As actors, making less now, leave L.A. (“I have a lot of friends who have left town”), Metz puts forth a straightforward career goal for the streaming era: to “like my life while being able to support myself.”

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