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ICYMI: Rushfield Gets Sentimental

The Squeeze Series

Exit Interviews: Part 4, The Top Producer

Exit Interviews: The Marketing/PR Exec

Exit Interviews: Part 2, The Big Agent

🥶GLASS ONION can't crack NETFLIX Top 5 movie openings for 2022

Exit Interviews: Part I, The Writer

Richard Rushfield's Exit Interviews

2022: The Best (But Mostly Worst) of Times

The 15 Most Valuable Christmas Movies🎄

☀️Is NFL Sunday Ticket remotely worth $2.5 Billion? A look at the numbers

The Science of High Frame Rate, Explained

Martini Shot: Kirstie

See Writer/Director Sarah Polley’s Sweeping Epic WOMEN TALKING | Find Screenings Near You

Rushfield: 23 of My Favorite Things in 2022

☀️How big are Cord Cutting $$ losses for Studios - and why FAST networks aren't the savior in 2023

☀️Inside AVATAR's good but not great weekend at the box office

ICYMI: Indies Sneeze; a Holiday Gift

The DC Universe Soap Opera

☀️An old-fashioned day of Cancellation, Renewal and TV series deal news

The Squeeze: Jobs, Inflation and the Below-the-Line Worker

The Ten Biggest Hollywood Fiascoes of 2022

☀️WBD content write-off plans grow up to 40% since October

Rushfield: Memo to a Panicking Hollywood

☀️BULLET TRAIN is NETFLIX's top US movie... 4 months post-release

The Ankler 100: The Grand Finale!

☀️WBD austerity cuts hit HBOMAX scripted series

The Squeeze: Writers on 'S*** Money' and the New Gig Economy

☀️Box Office has 2nd worst weekend of 2022, as THE WHALE sets specialty highmark

ICYMI: The Finch Frenzy

The Talented Ms. Finch

☀️APPLE TV gets Matt & Ben's next ARTISTS FIRST movie

Martini Shot: If Writers Gave Execs Notes

Netflix & Video Games: Glitch or Goldmine?

How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood

☀️New DC leadership kills WONDER WOMAN 3 creative plans

The 'Grey's Anatomy' Liar Confesses it All

☀️Have you heard of TROLL? Meet NETFLIX's new massive movie hit

The Ankler 100: Part 1! The Lows of 2022

☀️PEACOCK Q4 growth matches Q3, but NBCU Ad Revenue "definitely worse"

☀️VIOLENT NIGHT delivers but Box Office crashes to Q3-like lows

ICYMI: Producers' Lament; Economic Fallout

Rearranging the Deck Chairs

☀️AMC Nets write-off up to half a Billion $$, Programming removals ahead

Shonda vs. Ryan: Who's Worth It

Disney's Parks Make Tons of Money — But Are They in Trouble?

☀️Layoffs hit PAR TV as PAR+ Originals is shut; CNN layoffs hitting today

Martini Shot: The Town is Shutting Down

☀️AMC NETWORKS hits Cable Bundle panic button; Salke takes control at AMAZON

☀️ The Netflix GLASS ONION Experiment: What Lessons Did We Learn

Rushfield: Prestige TV's Mr. Magoo

☀️ AMAZON STUDIOS spending bender - 2 big film deals, ScarJo does TV... and it's only Tuesday

The Squeeze: Producers on 'No Trust', Anger, Struggle

☀️T'giving Box Office disasters abound as GLASS ONION left Millions for the taking

ICYMI: The Week of Bob Bloodshed

Bobinations Day 3: Something Isn't Adding Up

When You Wish Upon an Iger

Martini Shot: Danger in the Trades

☀️ A look at the Iger to-do list, as Bob gets an AVATAR gift from CHINA

☀️Iger's Day 1: Kill DMED, Chapek's big org change as more key details emerge

Two Bobs and a Board: ‘Nobody Looks Good Here’

Rushfield: Bob I, The Restoration

☀️Iger returns, Chapek out at DISNEY - a look at what lies ahead

ICYMI: A Week on the Brink

The Week the Floor Fell Out — Again

☀️ TWITTER loses hundreds more employees🫡, locks offices as the disaster deepens

Rushfield: Techenfreude Grips the Town

How 'The Northman' Transported Us Back in Time

☀️BLUMHOUSE & James Wan creating massive Horror powerhouse at UNI

The Squeeze: How to (Maybe) Save Your Job During Layoffs

Martini Shot: Turned Away at the Studio Gates

☀️WBD: Holiday Ad Biz worse than Pandemic, ENDEAVOR stops hiring for 2022

Apple Votes No on Haberman Trump Project

☀️AMAZON's Q4 hiring freeze turns to massive layoffs in 2 weeks time

☀️BLACK PANTHER hits mark, also beats FABELMANS on a per-screen average

H'wood FTX Frenzy as Michael Lewis Reveals He Spent 6 Months with Founder

Q&A: The Hunt for Hidden Fandom

The Last Movie Stars in Hollywood

☀️The latest look inside ENDEAVOR's books

What's the Deal with 'Seinfeld'?

#FAIL: How TikTok Stats Fool Hollywood

☀️NETFLIX’s Fall Programming #PivotToCrime

ANKLER POLL: Agents, Managers and Attorneys!

Martini Shot: The Olive Garden Analogy

☀️DISNEY adds 14.6 Million subs, but no new Streaming Revenue in Q3

Rushfield: The Dems' Problem is Also Hollywood's

☀️NETFLIX doubles down on MONSTER, but no word on Ryan Murphy's deal future

The American Viewer Series

☀️BLACK ADAM hangs strong, as ARMAGEDDON TIME is a no-show

ICYMI: Making Sense of Warning Signs

Second Inning of Hollywood Hell

☀️WBD Streaming biz loses $634 Mil, as Cable TV base cracks in Q3

Myth of the Global Streaming Hit

How the Business of Box Office Has Changed Over the Last 15 Years

☀️ROKU Revenue freezes as bah humbug is coming, but Users hit 65 Million

Martini Shot: The 'Produced-By' Guy

☀️PARAMOUNT hits real Ad biz & Cord Cutting troubles, PAR+ grows with a lot of ??s

Rushfield: A Tortured Business of Flops

Exclusive: Jeff Zucker in Talks for New Gig

☀️Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to lead MARVEL AVENGERS-universe series

☀️BLACK ADAM has OK 2nd wknd, Specialty pics hit trouble

ICYMI: Amazon's Slate, Netflix and that Bad Feeling

State of Slate Series: Studio-by-Studio

It's Not Just You. Things are Gloomy

☀️ Q3 Cable Bundle lost near 1 Mil with more ahead; GIRLS5EVA revived at NETFLIX

Reality Check: Netflix Profits vs. Everyone Else

The Past, Present, and Future of the Romcom

☀️PEACOCK $$ losses grow in Q3, Cord Cutting still rampant at COMCAST

Amazon Studios: State of Slate 🎬

Martini Shot: Timing Your Exit

☀️GOOGLE, SPOTIFY confirm Ad biz cutbacks are for real

Rushfield: Our Kanye Catastrophe

☀️APPLE TV+ joins price hike train, 40% increase in November

Who's Fleeing Ye? Not Netflix

☀️THE ROCK meets expectations, CLOONEY & ROBERTS beat theirs

ICYMI: WBD's Plan, Netflix's Shrug, the Ad Battlefield

Netflix: Where Quantity is Job 1

☀️SNAP's US engagement falls, -27% stock drop on Digital Ad outlook

Dawn of the Ads-and-Subs Streaming Wars

☀️Do NETFLIX Films have a quality problem? A look through the Tomatometer lens

Who Won the Summer—and Who Lost?

Martini Shot: You’re Going To Get Fired

☀️NETFLIX silences the haters, but US market stays saturated

Netflix is Growing. Just Not in the U.S.

Rushfield on WBD: What's the Plan?

☀️Harrison Ford joins MARVEL Cinematic Universe

☀️HALLOWEEN ENDS way below expectations as SMILE hangs strong

ICYMI: CAA/ICM, Nikki Finke and Netflix

The Next 100 Days of CAA-ICM

☀️How NETFLIX's Ad Tier pricing makes business sense... eventually

Netflix Movies' Trojan Horse

Does the 'Perfect Sound' Exist?

☀️SONY buys GAME STOP pic from PAM & TOMMY director

Martini Shot: The Second Date Spark

☀️WBD layoffs hit - 26% of positions cut at WBTV

CAA-ICM: Drama, Diaspora & the First 100 Days

☀️DISNEYFOX sets 3rd Agatha Christie pic, with Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey

Rushfield: Nikki Finke RIP

☀️AMSTERDAM is DOA as SMILE is the Fall Box Office surprise

'You’ve Got to Make the Indian ‘House of Cards’'


PSA: So You Wanna Be a TV Writer

'The Writers Guild Wants a Time Machine'

☀️NETFLIX tests theatrical with KNIVES OUT 2 "preview" stunt in Nov

Netflix is #1. But #2 is Gaining Fast

The Asian Market in 45 Minutes

The Ankler Hot Seat: Vivek Couto

How Cult Classic 'John Dies at the End' Kicked Off a Literary Career

Martini Shot: 'We're Going to Be Okay!'

☀️PEACOCK finds 15% Q3 sub growth, Revenue & ARPU numbers revealed

State of Slate Series: Studio-by-Studio

Rushfield: The WGA Strike is Coming

☀️TIKTOK Euro $$ booms, plus new moves to enter Music Label biz

'One Warner Bros. Discovery Mindset'

The Ankler Hot Seat: Gerhard Zeiler

☀️SMILE dominates as BROS is a no-show at the box office

Rushfield's Hollywood: The Stage Manager

How Formula 1 Caught Fire

☀️#2 US movie theater chain dumps more gloom on long-term biz outlook

Lessons from Asia's Streaming Wars

How 'Orphan: First Kill' Beat Expectations

☀️Why LIONSGATE is pivoting to spin-off part of the Studio instead of STARZ

Martini Shot: Throw it Away

Apple TV+: State of Slate 🎬

☀️PARAMOUNT removes new Star Trek pic from 2023 slate

Rushfield: H'wood's Next Powder Keg

☀️AMC issues more stock, sets off 14% dive in next bad movie theater biz sign

Apple Looks to Crash Oscar Party with 'Napoleon'

☀️DON'T WORRY DARLING (mostly) hits targets, gets tepid audience response

'Bros' and an Elegy for the Gay White Male

Notes From An Oscar Meeting Gone Wrong

Awards Shows' Last Stand

☀️APPLE TV buys 2 seasons of Breaking Bad creator's new series

OMG! When 'Housewives' Storm Off Hulu

China's Looming Threat to the World of Gaming

☀️Global Streaming Piracy underbelly revealed thru GOT vs LOTR Dragon Battle

Martini Shot: Harry Styles at Dinner

☀️NBC gives GLOBES one-year deal in Awards show referendum

Rushfield: To Have and Withold

☀️COMCAST, VERIZON, AT&T choose to quickly settle film copyright lawsuit

☀️WOMAN KING over-delivers - but total box office remains in the basement

Hollywood's Zoloft Blow-Off

P.R. vs. Journos: the Toronto Chill

☀️AMAZON orders Butch & Sundance series via the Russo Bros

The American Viewer, Part 5: Final Advice

The NFL: Ratings King

☀️Inside COMCAST, DISNEY CEO Kabuki theater around HULU at the GOLDMAN conference

☀️+ HBO & AMAZON's Dragon Duel and Streaming's sham metrics

Martini Shot: Never Go First

☀️PAR+ looks at folding in SHOWTIME, here's why it's complicated

Emmys' Brutal Hangover

Rushfield's Emmys: Who's This For?

☀️FOCUS buys Alexander Payne pic for $30 Mil at TIFF

#MeToo Smear Targets Female Industry Execs

Rushfield: Postcards from TIFF 📬

☀️DISNEY's 167 D23 news alerts from this weekend distilled in one newsletter

TIFF: 'Bros' Director Nick Stoller

Emmys' TV Work 'Framilies'

The American Viewer: Parts 1-5

The Forgotten Audience

Hit TV: The American Viewer, Part 4

☀️CINEWORLD's Studio debts revealed as Bankruptcy plan hits slight snag

TV Habits: The American Viewer, Part 3

How to Write a Best-Selling Political Book

Amazon CMO Buzz; Disney Writer Clause

☀️#2 US Movie Theater chain goes bankrupt

Martini Shot: Just Look Up

The American Viewer: Part 2

☀️Soderbergh sets lead for next HBOMAX project

Rushfield: Trades Gone Wilde

The American Viewer: Part 1

☀️NETFLIX Top 10 Summer Pics list shows challenges for A-List stars

Sunday Listen: Secrets of Victoria's Secret

RESEND: A Woman's Place in the TV Kitchen

A Woman's Place in the TV Kitchen

Streaming 2.0: Let's Make a Deal!

Janice Min: What's Coming in Sept.

☀️COMCAST seeks to cut near $1 Billion from TV division in 2023

How Anime Can Help Save Theaters

Worst-Case Scenario: Comcast NBCU

☀️Streaming's Quarter of Discounting enters high gear as SHOWTIME joins PAR+

Rushfield: Hope in the Pit of Your Stomach

Martini Shot: A Case of Mistaken Identity

☀️Massive layoffs hitting SNAP as NETFLIX grabs their top 2 Ad execs

☀️NETFLIX sets Beverly Hills Cop 4 co-stars, re-titles pic

Legendary and WBD: The Final Act!

☀️BOX OFFICE collapse hits, TOP GUN could be #1 next week again

Mad at Zaz

☀️Fri news + A-List Getting Lost in Streaming Marketing Black Hole

Freedom of Expression Under Assault

One for the M&A-Holes…

☀️SHAZAM 2 ditches Dec, as HBOMAX pics get theatrical slots

Royals, Obamas and the End of the $100M Vanity Deal

Martini Shot: Advice on Advice

☀️UNI puts one more thorn in Fall Box Office's side to boost PEACOCK's Q4

Etc. Etc. Etc: The-Too-Much-Stuff Era

☀️Inside the Movie Theater stock market drama yesterday

#MediaNerd Monday: Disney+'s Path to Profits

☀️WBD ax hits OWN; Anime pic clears $20+ Mil, almost 2X's BEAST take

Rushfield's Hollywood: The Costume Maven

Have We Reached Peak Anxiety?

☀️NETFLIX sets new Medieval sexy Soap via OITNB creator

'Aggregeddon': Streamers vs. Smart TVs

Meet the (One-Time) 7th-Most-Powerful Man in Wrestling

☀️#2 US Movie Theater chain's stock collapses on Debt & Revenue warning

Martini Shot: Professional Humiliation

Summer's Very Bad Harbingers 😳

☀️WB re-teams DeNiro with GOODFELLAS writer for Mob pic

Netflix: State of Slate 🎬

☀️WBD axe hits Content group; Why Streaming 2.0 is #PivotingToCable

Exclusive! Zaslav's New H'wood Duo

☀️Box Office has worst weekend of the Summer

Emmys Live TV Virtuoso Tells All

☀️The latest look inside ENDEAVOR’s books 💰

Pow! Zaslav vs. Hastings 🥊

Why Do Streamers Care About More than Eyeballs?

Disney Subscriber Victory? Not So Fast

☀️DISNEY+ US subs growth stalls, as 37% price hike comes in December

Ankler Hot Seat: Rick Caruso

Rick Caruso: 'This Town IS Hollywood'

Martini Shot: You Never Really Know

☀️BUZZFEED, IAC confirm advertiser spend cutbacks are underway

Warners and Hollywood's Nervous Breakdown

☀️Music Labels show SPOTIFY where the profit is in Q2 streaming biz

Warners' Rumor Mill on a Rampage

☀️WBD's $825 Mil Q2 content write-off; BULLET TRAIN nails predictions

Brawn of a New Male Era

Dan Lin Sees a 'Ruthless' Future for Hollywood DEI

☀️WBD staff 'efficiencies' laid out, as HBOMAX plants 2025 profitability flag

'At What Point Do You Make a Profit?'

Convention Life with the Creator of Effin' Birds

What?! Netflix Just Lost its Biggest TV Show in America

☀️PAR+ big $ losses continue in Q2, adds +4.9 Mil subs but not specified where

Martini Shot: Is This a Show?

☀️WBD's BATGIRL dump explained as Amazon's #PivotToDudes continues

☀️ AMAZON sets YouTuber feed with plans for more in NFL Thursday Night Football

HBOMAX axes live-action Family genre, as further WBD cuts likely await

Kevin Smith Almost Talks About Comic-Con

Will Peacock Exist in a Year?

ROKU sends shockwave thru Streaming video Ad biz, -26% stock drop

Which Streamer Has the Most Bombs in 2022?

Harvey Weinstein's Enablers

PEACOCK adds no subscribers or free users in Q2, loses $467 Million in 3 months

Martini Shot: Agents are People Too

YOUTUBE 3rd company to confirm Ad biz $$ slowdown & Q3 headwinds

Who Killed the Marvel Juggernaut? 🔎

GOOGLE crashes into NFL Sunday Ticket streaming rights race

MARVEL sets slate thru 2025, as NOPE opens... decent-ish?

Adieu, Fashion's 'Skinny White Women'?

Streaming's New Bad Omen

SNAP 27% stock drop, TWITTER losses set off Ad biz cutback alarm

Worst-Case Scenario: Apple TV+

'John Wick,' Gun-Fu, and the Art of Oral History

APPLE TV buys next Jennifer Lawrence pic, will drop in Oscar season

Martini Shot: 'I Have Some Bad News'

Universal: The State of Slate 🎬

NETFLIX silences haters, but loses most US subs ever in a quarter

Netflix Saved by 'Stranger Things'

The Lessons of Harvey Unlearned

UTA takes Swedish Private Equity cash to embark on growth chapter

Return of the Rat 🐀

THOR's big drop signals 2nd MARVEL word of mouth issue this Summer

IP Finds🔎: If You Like 'The Bear', 'Better Call Saul' and 'Tehran'...

Channing Tatum replaces Chris Evans in APPLE TV+ space pic

Netflix Shows: The Opposite of Buzz 🐝

Ron Shelton on the Struggle to Get 'Bull Durham' Made

Rep. Karen Bass: What I'll Do For Hollywood

Ankler Hot Seat: U.S. Rep. Karen Bass

NETFLIX picks MICROSOFT as their Ad Tech & Sales partner

Twilight of the Gods at Sun Valley

Martini Shot: Dick Wolf Wears a Suit

What the EMMY NOMS reveal about the streaming services

EMMYS! 'Yellowjackets' > 'Yellowstone' 🏆

WBD puts new hole in Sept Movie biz; kills TBS series on premiere day

THOR delivers as 2022 Box Office beats July 2019 again, handily

Hollywood Men are Having a Vibe Shift

HBO & WBD skipping TCA, inciting looming layoffs talk

Netflix Users – Going, Going...

Netflix Users Going, Going...

Summer Movies Are Back—But Is Trouble on the Horizon?

AMAZON wins Ferrell-Witherspoon comedy pic bidding war

Sony: The State of Slate 🎬

Pod: Martini Shot - 'But Mine is Different'

The movie biz's Q3 Event movie problem

A Hollywood Manifesto for the Culture Wars

MINIONS sets record as Tracking misfires continue this Summer

Pod: Married to the Bob

Michael Bay relaunches producer career at UNIVERSAL

As Netflix Churn Doubles, Who’s Winning the Streaming War?

NETFLIX checkbook opens again for Cameron Diaz’s first pic in 8 years

The Triumph of Bob II

Martini Shot: Summer FOMO

AMAZON Marketing head out; Chapek guaranteed $20 Mil+ bonuses annually in new DIS deal

Disney's No to Planned Parenthood; Every Studio's Anti-Abortion💰

SONY sets Russell Crowe to lead exorcism genre pic

CAA's 'Project Idaho'

ELVIS delivers as LIGHTYEAR plummets, and TOP GUN tops MARVEL

The Misery of Writer Twitter

Pod: The King Is Dead?

NETFLIX layoffs 2X larger than expected - what lies ahead

Paramount's Best-Case Scenario

What's Up at the Mouse House?

ELVIS facing mixed tracking, big challenges at the Box Office this weekend

CAA/ICM: Done Deal

Pod: 'Martini Shot'- First Position

META punts taking cut of Creators $$, as TIKTOK Revenue to 3X in 2022

Exec Musical Chairs: 37 Interesting Names 🧐

More NETFLIX layoffs rumored for end of week - report

LIGHTYEAR stumbles badly, TOP GUN continues to astound

Juneteenth: Some Thoughts

Decoding Deborah Vance

Pod: Hollywood's Economic Armageddon Looms

More WBD senior level exits as TBS dumps show 3 weeks before premiere

$6 Billion for Cricket?! Jiminy! Why?

How to Design an Iconic Movie Mask

WWE board investigating large undisclosed settlements paid out to former employees

Exec Musical Chairs: The State of Play

Pod: Martini Shot - Pitch Face

WBD preps to layoff up to 900 people in Sales group

Oh, The Places You'll Go: Streaming's Class of 2022

PIXAR's Lightyear international ban grows, TONYS audience not returning

PIXAR's Lightyear international ban grows, TONYS audience not returning

On-Screen Guns Target of A-List Petition

A New Voice Joins The Ankler

A Drag Queen Race Already Won

Pod: Gone in 7 Minutes

Execs in shock at DISNEY CEO firing Head of TV biz - the why & why now

The Rice Capades

Brentwood School Sued Over 'Woke' Curriculum

The Next 5 Bubbles to Burst?

Stop Stealing Movies!

Matt & Ben re-teaming for new company, likely with former WB head

Analysis: Paramount's State of Slate

Pod: 'Martini Shot'- Other People's Money

HBO kills first JJ Abrams series in 14 years over budget concerns

Netflix's Next Miracle?

Neve Campbell passes on lowball SCREAM 6 offer from PARAMOUNT

And the New Oscar CEO Job Goes To....

TOP GUN has greatest Week 2 hold for a $100 Mil blockbuster... ever

Pod: The Studio Chiefs' Secret Diplomat

VICE cutting costs, slows hiring in Sale prep for at least part of the business

Netflix: Coming Sooner to a Theater Near You

Goodbye, Norm Macdonald

Inside the Leadership shakeup at WARNER BROS Pictures

Toby and Mike's Shakespearean Drama

Pod: Martini Shot - Tears at the Offsite

Leads for HUNGER GAMES prequel set at LIONSGATE

Hollywood's Gun Trouble

TOP GUN gets MARVEL-ish Box Office record, DOWNTON done at box office

Falling Into the K-Hole

Pod: CAA, Disney and Leadership's Big Test

Jodie Foster to lead TRUE DETECTIVE 4 on HBO, set in Alaska

Where Are the Kids Movies?

Thrive, Survive or Die: WB Under Zaslav

AMC gets Clive Owen series from QUEENS GAMBIT creator & Tom Fontana

Let's Talk About Richard Lovett

Pod: Martini Shot - 'We Really Love This Project'

A24, NEON enter CANNES movie buy fray

SNAP revises Q2 Revenue picture in ominous sign, stock dives

SCOOP: Depp Not Returning to the Stand

NETFLIX makes $50 Mil Cannes buy, DOWNTON 2 opens to half of the first pic

Cannes: Gown Today, Gone Tomorrow

Getting Fired the Hollywood Way

Pod: Hollywood Cryptocalypse!

WB plans to bring back OCEANS 11 with Margot Robbie

Formula 1 Surge: Was it Netflix or ESPN?

Summer Movie Preview! 'Top Gun,' Dinos, and Buzz Lightyear, Oh My.

MGM gets new Channing Tatum pic based on his family book

Disney's Mysterious Kareem Daniel

Pod: 'Martini Shot' - "You're Fired... No, Wait"

NETFLIX lays off 150 in cost reduction move, mostly in US

The What If's? Issue

AMAZON moves Ron Howard MGM Thailand cave pic to (mostly) streaming

A Very Ari Wedding!

DOCTOR STRANGE's week 2 box office stumble, FIRESTARTER a non-starter

Fashion's Very Senior Moment

Fashion's Very Senior Moment

Pod: The Moviegoers Never Coming Back

ENDEAVOR / WME's big Q1 results shows up the haters, stock +12%

Worst-Case Scenario: Amazon

How Ben Fong Torres Defined a Generation

DISNEY+ growth still mostly in INDIA, HULU growth hits low

NFTs and the Race to Remake Hollywood

Pod: 'Martini Shot' – The Cake Guy

NETFLIX now aiming to launch Ad-tier in Q4 this year

Who Will Keeper Test the Keepers?

AMC THEATERS revenue 5X’s but still loses $337 Million in Q1, as CEO asks trolls to ease off

Jesus! Mel Brooks' All-Star 'History' Cast

DOCTOR STRANGE gets 2nd best opening since July 2019

Pod: Hollywood's Abortion Quicksand

WB gets 2nd Jason Momoa movie in 3 weeks

ESG: Hulu's Comedy Problem

The First Draft of (Streaming) History

NETFLIX changing exec pay structure, also facing Shareholder lawsuit

Pod: 'Martini Shot' - Handling the Talent

ROKU bidding for stake in STARZ from LIONSGATE

The Dumpster Fire of the Vanities

PAR+ adds 6.8 Million subscribers, SHOWTIME & other streamers post loss

Apple TV 'Prince of Tides' Remake; Broadway's 'Star is Born'?

A Star is Born on B'way? China's Yes to 'Jurassic'

THE BAD GUYS prospers, Liam Neeson officially DOA at box office

The Glossy: Met Gala's Fame Crucible

Pod: The Case for Broadcast TV

Nasty, Brutish, Short: Morrell's Misery

ROKU growth rate drops by about 60% as pandemic boost fades

Judge Judy v. Amazon Judy: The Verdict is In!

Judge Judy vs. Amazon Judy: The Verdict is In

Are Casual Filmgoers Finally Coming Back?

CinemaCon Day 3: Disney, Uni and a Tale of Two Slates

PEACOCK adds 4 Million subscribers, loses half a Billion $$ in Q1 2022

SPOTIFY's Q1 2022 results show users do not have a Joe Rogan problem. But looks like SPOT may have a Q2 problem.

CinemaCon Day 2: What About Warners' Blitz

YOUTUBE Q1 2022 Revenue falls well behind NETFLIX after Q4 surge

FAST & FURIOUS 10 director leaves after 1st week of shooting

CinemaCon Day 1: Rothman's Revenge

CinemaCon: Awkward Happy Birthday Dwayne Johnson!

HBO retooling THE WEEKND drama series from EUPHORIA creator mid-shoot

8 Thoughts About Hollywood's Hell Week

DUMBLEDORE plummets as BAD GUYS overperforms at box office

Pod: Netflix Becomes a Takeover Target

SNAPCHAT user growth rate declining, still losing hundreds of millions

Reed and Ted’s Very Scary Road Ahead

HBOMAX 2022 growth still heavily skewed to the US

How Hollywood Trade Papers Shaped the Movies You Love

HBOMAX 2022 growth is mostly in the US, as profitability falls

Florida and the Plagues of Bob II

NETFLIX's 27% overnight stock drop explained, and why an Ad-supported version is on the way

NETFLIX's 27% stock drop explained as Ad-supported version on the way

Netflix: The Reckoning

Bellinda Alvarez Joins The Ankler as CRO

WB sets Jason Momoa to lead another IP based movie franchise

Pod: The Streaming Battlefield 2022

Transom: Momoa + Minecraft; 'Blair Witch' is Back?

More FANTASTIC BEASTS pics now questionable, FATHER STU Easter gamble fails at box office

Depp, Smith and Fashion's "Morals Clause" Pause

Pod: Disney, the Heiress and a Hot Mess

Pod Transcript: Disney, the Heiress and a Hot Mess

SONY sells Kevin Hart action comedy pic to NETFLIX

Will NFTs Save Entertainment? Of Course Not

NATO Head on the Return to Theaters

Elon Musk puts in offer to buy TWITTER

A Thin Line Between Netflix Love and Hate

CNN+ stumbling out of the gate, faces 9-figure $$ spending cuts

EXCLUSIVE: Top Spotify Dealmaker Leaving Company

EXCLUSIVE: Top Spotify Dealmaker to Depart

WILL FERRELL joins Barbie pic at WB

Transom: Inside Zaslav's State of Slate

AMBULANCE stumbles in 4th, SONIC 2 blows away Box Office predictions

Pod: David Zaslav “May Have Hubris but He's Not Stupid”

Shonda v. Ryan: Who's Winning at Netflix?

APPLE TV+ buys Tom Hiddleston series, set in Antarctica

Shonda v. Ryan: Who's Winning at Netflix?

Lloyd Kaufman and a Half-Century of Troma

A View to a Kilar

DISCOVERY axes most C-suite WARNER MEDIA execs

WARNER MEDIA top management cleared out as DISCOVERY deal closes

Hello? Is Anyone in Charge Here?

APPLE TV+ gets new JASON MOMOA series, signs HARRISON FORD for another one

Transom: Jason Momoa Says Aloha to Apple

MORBIUS just hits projections, gets low C+ audience rating

The Glossy: Oscars and the Male Gaze, R.I.P.

10 Truths about Will Smith's Resignation

Pod: Bruce Willis and 'Years of Concern'

APPLE TV+ gets $100 Million Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson pic

ESG: The First Hard Lessons of 2022

The Nic Cage Book Every Fan Needs to Own

FACEBOOK pays Consulting firm to trash TIKTOK in the press

'Grey's Anatomy' Writer Stonewalls Disney

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad Thing

WB sets SHARON STONE as villain in new DC pic

As Time Passes, The Slap Still Stings

Transom: 'It' Heads to HBO; Bay to Uni?

OSCARS get 2nd smallest audience ever, but up big from 2021

Pod: Will Smith and the End of Movie Stars

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