Sep 30, 2022 • 44M

How Formula 1 Caught Fire

At the Singapore Grand Prix, Ian Holmes talks deals with China, Netflix, ESPN — and reveals that Apple's Brad Pitt F1 film isn't (yet) a go

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WHEELER DEALER Ian Holmes is the sport’s Director of Media Rights and Content Creation (Courtesy of Ian Holmes)
In lieu of our regular weekly podcast, today’s edition is the first of four in our “What the World Watches” audio series from Singapore’s APOS conference. Our regular format resumes next week.


In five years, Formula 1 has evolved from a rich man’s pastime to one of the world’s fastest growing sports, thanks in large to Ian Holmes. F1’s Director of Media Rights and Content Creation, Holmes struck deals with ESPN (27:44), and Netflix, whose F1 docu-series, Drive to Survive, is renewed for a fifth and sixth season (16:10). In Singapore ahead of F1’s flashy Grand Prix, Holmes tells hosts Janice Min and Sean McNulty about what changed at F1 when Liberty Media took ownership (11:48), F1’s new deal with China Telecom (13:26), how Drive to Survive — Holmes is an EP — happened, and why gentleman have yet to start their engines on the Brad Pitt-Joseph Kosinski Apple TV+ F1 film nicknamed “Top Gun on Four Wheels” (30:56): “We’re working hard on an agreement.”

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