The American Viewer Series

(John M Lund Photography/ Getty Images)

The first rule in business? Know the customer!

Entertainment Strategy Guy’s series about the audience — i.e., the customer — seemed timely given shifts in the industry, particularly the plateau in domestic streaming growth and the industry’s (re)pivot to advertising. The purpose of these articles was to dive deep into the data about who we are, how we watch, and also highlight potential blind spots around the audience and opportunities.

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  • The American Viewer, Part 1 The surprising fundamentals around age, race, geography and gender often mischaracterized by Hollywood.

  • The American Viewer, Part 2 Never discuss politics, religion or money at a party? That’s exactly what this installment does with a sober look at what the data tells us about Americans on the most third-rail issues.

  • TV Habits: The American Viewer, Part 3 The first two installments covered who watches TV; this part answers how we watch: quantity, what times, our changing patterns and hidden opportunities.

  • Hit TV: The American Viewer, Part 4 Popularity contest! This one examines the genres people actually watch and what really defines “broad.” Spoiler: The market for buzzy, prestige TV shows and films is much, much smaller than you think.

  • The American Viewer, Part 5: Final Advice Pencils down. FASTs, programming holes and audience right in front of us, plus the one genre I would start developing more of NOW.

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