Richard Rushfield's Exit Interviews

The Exit Interviews is Richard Rushfield’s series of anonymous conversations with industry veterans on the year that was.

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  • The Writer First in a series as 2022 ends: a veteran scribe's closing arguments about 'fearful' execs and the state of the industry

  • The Agent Secrets to a good career, strike pessimism, and why Netflix gets so much bad press

  • The Marketing/PR Exec Part 3 of our year-end series: the risk of interviews now, Olivia Wilde and how to be a star when every young person just wants to watch 'The Office'

  • The Producer ‘The movie business is just such a disaster at the moment, it blows my mind'



  • Part 1 A major CEO, studio executive and assistant, under anonymity, divulge their unsparing sentiments and insight about the state of the entertainment industry

  • Part 2 Which studio is "hubris as f***?" Which one is a "crying shame joke"? Candid year-end feelings about the town's buyers and partners.