Aug 11 • 35M

Disney Subscriber Victory? Not So Fast

Unpacking the numbers in the wake of the company's Q2 earnings call

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HELLO, MY NAME IS BOB The Disney CEO at Disneyland Paris last month. (Laurent Viteur/Getty Images)

Following Disney’s Q2 earnings call, many headlines declared the company’s victory over Netflix as Disney+ subscribers reached 221 million — squeaking ahead of Netflix (at 220.67 million). But in this episode, The Wakeup’s Sean McNulty tells Janice Min and Richard Rushfield that, in this case, the numbers don’t reveal the whole story (think India, domestic stagnation and revenue per subscriber). The trio also discuss the town’s curious changing narrative around Disney chief Bob Chapek, the company's declared break-even point for streaming, and the date the company has circled in its calendar to stop losing money on streaming. All this, plus other juicy tidbits (for those who love data and analysis, that is).