Dec 8, 2022 • 36M

How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood

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Richard Rushfield
Sonny Bunch hosts The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood, featuring interviews with folks who have their finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry during this dynamic—and difficult—time.
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On this week’s episode I talk to Sean O’Connell, the author of With Great Power: How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood during the Golden Age of Comic Book Blockbusters, about the webslinger’s long and winding path to the big screen, early box office dominance, middle-aged faltering, and renewed success under the aegis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also discuss the rise of fan culture and the balancing act studios have to play between making movies that work for the masses and movies that work for the hardcore fans. If you have a Spider-fan in your life, send them this episode or pick up Sean’s book as a stocking stuffer!

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