Nov 11, 2022 • 51M

The Last Movie Stars in Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston was right: it’s RIP for marquee actors as the industry's self-inflicted wounds come home to roost

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Listen in as The Ankler team and industry insiders break down Hollywood’s latest business headlines, power struggles and trends shaping the future of entertainment.
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THE PICTURES GOT SMALLER But as it turns out, so did our actors and actresses. (Sunset Boulevard star Gloria Swanson in 1950; Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston declared the movie star dead. Now hosts Sean McNultyRichard Rushfield and Tatiana Siegel, joined by Rob Long, offer their condolences as Hollywood scatters the ashes of its once-mighty creation (21:02), destroyed by self-inflicted wounds (and names of those who still endure). The group also talks agents and managers (7:32), and how streaming makes them — for better or worse — more valuable. “Streamers are so besieged with 2,000 shows in production that they demand any project [have] everybody attached,” says Rushfield. “They need a whole package ready to go.” Also: Early returns on The Ankler’s ruthless Agents, Managers and Attorneys poll (3:38) and schadenfreude over Silicon Valley’s woes (49:30): Says Long, “I am celebrating the humbling of our overlords.”

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