Jul 30, 2022 • 57M

Kevin Smith Almost Talks About Comic-Con

A dizzying, delicious ode to love, Ben and Matt, and Margot Robbie with the director of 'Clerks III'

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Kevin Smith on the IMDb Yacht at Comic-Con. (Michael Kovac/Getty Images for IMDb)

This week, Kevin Smith was invited to join The Ankler Hot Seat podcast to talk Comic-Con, where he teased his upcoming Clerks III. Instead, in a detour that only briefly returns to the topic, he delves into the amazing origin story of his marriage to Jennifer Schwalbach (it involves Chris Rock and an awkward encounter with Harvey Weinstein), how he had been asked to defend Matt Damon and Ben Affleck around Good Will Hunting, and what happened when “the real Harley Quinn” met Margot Robbie. For hosts Janice Min and Tatiana Siegel, Smith’s story was far more entertaining than anything out of Hall H last week. Tune in for more. Explicit content warning: This episode includes profanity and may not be suitable for children


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