Nov 22, 2022 • 30M

Two Bobs and a Board: ‘Nobody Looks Good Here’

CNBC's Alex Sherman joins to weigh in on Disney brass and ‘race car’ execs

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COURSE CORRECTION Reinstated Disney CEO Bob Iger had declared his Disney days as over, while board chair Susan Arnold (bottom left) sang the praises of the ousted Bob Chapek (top left) as recently as June 2022. (Walt Disney Company)


Although Wall Street and Disney fans are cheering Bob Iger’s return to the Mouse House’s iron throne, CNBC’s Alex Sherman has sharp words for the board, ousted CEO Bob Chapek and Iger himself. Joining hosts Sean McNultyJanice Min and Tatiana Siegel, Sherman notes that not only did the Disney board renew Chapek’s contract in June, chair Susan Arnold said “Bob is the right leader at the right time.” Whoops. As for Iger’s recent vow he would never return, “There’s a guy that can’t let go, and that leads to a quasi-toxic environment that… Chapek has had to live in the past couple years,” says Sherman (4:45). And finally, the team talks about how Chapek did himself no favors by distancing himself from his lionized predecessor. (5:21)

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