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Rick Caruso: 'This Town IS Hollywood'

Rick Caruso: 'This Town IS Hollywood'

L.A.'s mayoral candidate on the homeless blight at Netflix HQ, his Democratic rebirth and Gavin Newsom's war with red states
TEAM CARUSO Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Meyer (at Meyer’s Pacific Palisades store opening in 2018) have declared support for Rick Caruso. (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Jennifer Meyer Jewelry)

In the second of our two-part series with Los Angeles mayoral candidates with Peter Kiefer, today’s Ankler Hot Seat podcast features billionaire real estate developer Rick Caruso, currently in a run-off with U.S. Rep. Karen Bass (her interview is here). With Angelenos heading to the polls on Nov. 8, Peter Kiefer asks Caruso to explain how he plans to close the gap with Congresswoman Bass, who won 43.1 percent compared to his 36 percent in the June primary; if deep blue L.A. is ready for a centrist (21:56); what a Caruso administration can do to help the entertainment industry (10:57); his thoughts on Gavin Newsom (16:14); and where he really stands on Roe v. Wade (19:11)? (“Being a Catholic…has been weaponized against me.”) As for the blight of homeless encampments? He says he can get affordable housing built, and make it more attractive for “small, medium and large businesses” to be in L.A., using the example of Netflix’s Hollywood headquarters (14:41): “I've talked to the executives in there, coming to work carrying human waste on their shoes because there's so much human waste on the sidewalk, because we've allowed people to live in the most inhumane situation. It's incredible what all of our elected officials have allowed to happen…in front of one of the great companies of Hollywood.” And plenty more. Click here to read the full transcript.

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