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Pod: Bob II, The Batman and Rudin

Pod: Bob II, The Batman and Rudin

Anxiety Week spills over into the Hot Seat podcast

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This episode of the Hot Seat dives into The Ankler’s Anxiety Week. What is eating this business? As the Streaming Wars rage, money is flowing like never before, but a sense of unease among its workers has been the subject of several of our stories that clearly are touching a nerve. Hosts Richard Rushfield and Tatiana Siegel touch on why (Janice Min sat this one out), but also:

Disney and the fallout over Florida. Bob II has gotten himself in another fine mess over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. We look at what drove him into such hot water, how Disney gets out of it, and wonder why no one else is getting the same scrutiny. (NOTE: This episode was recorded before Bob Chapek’s Friday apology for his earlier stand on the issue.)

The Batman takes the box office. Another Batman scored another hit last weekend for Warners, showing another sign of life in the theatrical business. But with many caveats? Is it all going to be just like it was before?

The return of Scott Rudin. A year after being sidelined for decades of fabulously awful conduct Tatiana exposed, the combative producer is inching his way back into the mainstream with a new project.

The Oscars are coming! The field is wide open. At least five films have a plausible shot at the prize. Who will win? We give our picks. And will anyone be watching?

All that and more on this week's Hot Seat!

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