Sitemap - 2021 - The Ankler.

The Ankler 100 Finale: The Moments Hollywood Would Love to Forget

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Co-Writer Chris McKenna

The Ankler 100, Part 1: The Moments Hollywood Would Love to Forget

The Exit Interviews — 2021's Final Word

KING'S MAN falters, MATRIX underperforms, SPIDER-MAN sets franchise record

The Exit Interviews Part 3: The Writers

NIELSEN under-counts audience group for 15 months

AT&T sells off XANDER, the rationale for the WARNER MEDIA deal

The Exit Interviews, Part 2 - The Producers

Many big BROADWAY shows + NHL shut down thru CHRISTMAS weekend

NIGHTMARE ALLEY tanks as SPIDER-MAN beats every STAR WARS opening weekend

Hello Ankler Family, From Janice Min

More Films pushed from Jan-Feb theatrical release

2021: The Exit Interviews, Part I

The Greatest Movie Ever Made Hits 4K

Denis Villeneuve sets next directing gig after DUNE 2

HOLLYWOOD begins moving Early 2022 pics later in the year

A Big Ankler Announcement to Subscribers

VOX MEDIA buys GROUP NINE (The Dodo, Pop Sugar) in big digital publishing merger

West Side's Bellyflop: The Dam Is Breaking

WEST SIDE STORY disappoints, but ignore 2019 Box Office comparisons

Tim Miller and Sonny Talk 'Don't Look Up'

PEACOCK getting UNIVERSAL films 45 days after release in 2022

All I Want for Christmas Are ... HDMI Cables?

Big SPOTIFY podcast deals not yielding many podcasts in 2021

STX movie studio sold for 2nd time in 2 years

STALLONE doing PAR+ mob series from BOARDWALK EMPIRE and YELLOWSTONE creators

THE BOYS gets animated spinoff anthology at AMAZON

2022: The Disappearance of Hollywood as We Know It

Investors pull cash from BUZZFEED's public offering coming on Monday

Tracking—And Recapturing—Movie Audiences

ALFONSO CUARON sets A-List cast for his APPLE TV series

Nicolas Cage is Dracula at UNIVERSAL PICS

Channing Tatum doing 3rd MAGIC MIKE movie at HBOMAX

Thanksgiving box-office down 46% vs 2019

Streaming services embrace BLACK FRIDAY sales tactics

The Twin Plagues and Moviedom's Assisted Suicide

Kevin Spacey owes $31 Million to HOUSE OF CARDS producer

KING RICHARD tanks, GHOSTBUSTERS tops box office expectations

ESG Special: The Stream-Apocalypse is Here!

NBC spends 3X the price for PREMIERE LEAGUE TV rights in new deal

A Century of Black Cinema

Layoffs hit PARAMOUNT PICS as Marketing revamp continues

STX Movie Studio (HUSTLERS, BAD MOMS) being sold for 2nd time in 16 months

TIKTOK owner BYTE DANCE's revenue soars, now over half of FACEBOOK's

BOND will beat F9 as 2021 box office champ this week - excluding China films

Will Movies Survive? An Ankler Special

MOMOA and BAUTISTA team up for MGM action comedy pic

Hollywood Goes to War: The Film Industry's Response to World War II

DISNEY+ growth plummets, HULU slows in 3rd Quarter

CHANNING TATUM and TOM HARDY team up for Afghanistan pic at UNI

ESG on Black Widow: Not Exactly a Superhero in Streaming Ratings

AMC THEATERS only doing about half of 2019 business

ETERNALS falls short of SHANG CHI, VENOM 2 openings

Breaking! MGM Takes Over a Westwood Theater; Netflix's Bay Way; Penske's 4Chan Connection

LIONSGATE looking to spinoff or sell STARZ

'The Beta Test' Director Jim Cummings on Indie Life

NETFLIX, YOUTUBE make more than VIACOM in Q3

DISCOVERY+ hits 20 Million subs, former DISNEY+ head Kevin Mayer to consult

BRADLEY COOPER sets up new company, and WB movie project

NO TIME TO DIE tops QUANTUM OF SOLACE box office, SOHO stumbles

The Some Things That Aren't Going So Great Special Edition

NETFLIX closing in on AMAZON total streaming revenue

What Does a 'Buy' Button Really Mean in the Digital Age?

COMCAST declines to give any PEACOCK user updates for first time

Entertainment Strategy Guy: How Much Should Streamers Pay for the Next "Squid Game"?

YOUTUBE can't catch NETFLIX revenue (yet), SPOTIFY adds 7 Million paying users

FACEBOOK spends $10 Bil on Metaverse, $5 Bil on content safety

IMAX helps DUNE beat projections, BOND now 2nd largest pandemic release

Netflix's Big Week

SNAPCHAT stock drops 23% due to APPLE privacy tracking changes

HBOMAX down nearly 2 million US subs due to AMAZON, but up Globally

NETFLIX US growth mostly flat, adds 4.3 Million Int'l subs in 3Q

JOHN WICK TV Series sets MEL GIBSON for a lead role at STARZ

THE LAST DUEL tanks, HALLOWEEN KILLS has #3 Oct Horror opening ever


HOLLYWOOD IATSE guild: "Assume there will be a strike" on Monday

JASON SEGEL and TED LASSO co-creators doing APPLE TV+ series

The Business of Sports Ads

SONY wins Jennifer Lawrence R-rated comedy bidding war

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 adds Will Poulter in new major role

BOND hits US Box Office expectations. ish. But far below last 3 films

ESG Special: If IATSE Wins, Who Pays? The Strike That Could Crush the Streaming Wars

STEVE CARELL doing FX limited comedy series

Scott Eyman on Daryl F. Zanuck and 20th Century Fox

AT&T has been OANN's main income source for years apparently

Who Will Rule When Hollywood Falls off the Rails?

Jessica Biel replaces Elizabeth Moss in HULU miniseries

SHANG CHI director doing DISNEY+ action-comedy series

BOND, VENOM, DUNE lead huge Oct box office resurgence

DISNEY settles Scarlett Johansson lawsuit for reported $40+ Million total

Scott Tobias on the Business of Film Criticism

APPLE gets CLOONEY + PITT dueling fixers movie

NETFLIX buys Video Game studio

Lourdy Lourdy Lourdy: The Wizards of Westfield Adj., and What it All Means

THE BOYS gets spinoff series at AMAZON

PITT & CLOONEY team up for new movie, bidding war commences

Entertainment Strategy Guy Asks: Why Is No One Talking About Piracy?

BARRY DILLER in talks to buy MEREDITH magazine publisher

EDDIE MURPHY doing 3 movies at AMAZON

DISNEY+ growth drastically slowed this Summer

TWITTER pays $810 Million to settle user data fraud lawsuit

The Existential Dread of the Non-Funny Emmys

THE LOST BOYS getting remake at WB

Viacom's Paw Patrol is on a Roll!

FACEBOOK spent just 13% of content moderation resources outside the U.S in 2020

Rod Lurie Part 2: 'The Outpost'

CBS pulls new limited-reality show after huge public blowback

TRACY MORGAN doing TWINS sequel with Arnold & DeVito

TED LASSO cast getting 2X pay increases

DISNEY+ Premiere Access finished for rest of 2021

Jim G Last of the OG's; Enter Norbit Man!

Christopher Nolan shopping WWII nuclear bomb movie

Is The Netflix Manifest Myth a Lie?

Rod Lurie on Breaking Into the Biz

VIACOM launches Production group under former CBS NEWS Prez

TIKTOK expanding with $5 Billion loan, HULU lifts prices in Oct

Out of the Box Office: High Feige

Phoebe Waller-Bridge exits AMAZON's Mr & Mrs Smith series

The Secret Meaning of AMPAS' Oscar Screening Room. plus, Trigger Warnings at the Museum!

Will Smith's KING RICHARD gets raves at TELLURIDE, Soderbergh dropping "secret" movie at TIFF

CinemaCon in Twilight

PARAMOUNT abandons 2021 box office - TOP GUN 2 & JACKASS 4 punted

CBS re-branding CBS THIS MORNING for Times Square move

BEN AFFLECK directing, starring in Gambling site ad campaign

APPLE sets Scarlett Johannson & Chris Evans for action-romance pic

Con Voyage!

Timberlake & Benicio team up for NETFLIX pic

Jake Tapper on Afghanistan War Classic 'The Outpost'

HBOMAX sets new Soderbergh limited series

SPOTIFY expands Podcast subscription options & user data sharing

NETFLIX dropping 42 films in the next 18 weeks

FREE GUY has best Week 2 hold of all Summer Movies

Countdown to the Con!

AMAZON PRIME buys exclusive rights to ACM Awards show, first to go streaming-only

Zak Penn on 'Free Guy,' Writing Villains, and the Fate of 'PCU'

MARVEL sets Anthony Mackie for CAPT AMERICA 4 pic

NETFLIX sets Mark Wahlberg & Kevin Hart for buddy comedy

Hollywood's Real Life White Lotus Crucible

CHINA govt takes ownership stake in TIK TOK parent company


DISNEY+ has 55% of NETFLIX’s subscriber count, but just 19% of its revenue

Every Time's Up We Say Goodbye

DISNEY+ adds 12 million subscribers in Q2 - Mostly in India

Matthew Belloni on the Changing Ways Hollywood Gets Paid

POWER creator leaves STARZ for huge NETFLIX deal

DISNEY+ India looming sports rights battle plays big role in future global growth

EMMYS move mostly outdoors, further limit attendance

Vince Vaughn, TED LASSO co-creator doing APPLE TV+ series

SUICIDE SQUAD barely tops CONJURING & MORTAL KOMBAT for top 2021 R-rated opening

STARZ streaming subscriber growth flatlines in 2nd quarter

Clayton Childress Explains How Taste and Status Reinforce Each Other

VIACOM hits 42.5 mil paid streaming user total, PAR+ sets SKY partnership

Reese Witherspoon + Ashton Kutcher for NETFLIX rom com

DISCOVERY+ adds 3 million subscribers since April

What lies ahead for HELLO SUNSHINE after their $900 Million sale

JUNGLE CRUISE gets about 1.5% rental rate among DIS+ accounts

Getting Right with The Lourd

VICE cuts article volume 50% plus BLACK WIDOW lawsuit breakdown

Ray Subers on Polling Moviegoers

PEACOCK hits 20 Million Monthly US users in July, going International via SKY

YOUTUBE revenue now nearly matches NETFLIX's

UNIVERSAL buys new EXORCIST trilogy for $400 Million

OLYMPICS opening ceremony ratings take 33% hit from 2016

TWITTER loses 1 Million daily US users in 2nd Quarter

John Mass on the Future of Content

HBOMAX adds 3.5 Million global users in 2nd Qtr, 80% US based

NETFLIX has notable US subscriber drop, adds 1.5 Million globally

LOKI finale beating WANDA and WINTER SOLDIER DIS+ viewership

The uphill battle CNN+ has ahead for success

STARZ doing 3 part JOHN WICK prequel event series

The First Box Office Weekend of the Rest of our Lives

ROBERT DOWNEY JR doing HBO series, playing multiple roles

Ryan Faughnder on How Valuable You Are (to Streaming Companies)

NETFLIX hires Video Games head, said to launch games by end of 2022

NETFLIX cuts deal for UNIVERSAL Animated movies

The OBAMAS set NETFLIX scripted project about an NYC Blackout

BLACK WIDOW rented by about 3% of US DISNEY+ accounts

Absolutely Confabulous

Richard Rushfield on the Latest Hollywood News

Henry Cavill, Sam Jackson, Dua Lipa join KINGSMAN Director's new Spy movie

AMAZON PRIME's $2 Billion dollar UNIVERSAL PICTURES output deal Explained

NBA FINALS audience is not returning at ABC

Zack Snyder's big plans for next NETFLIX pic

DISNEY+ US growth slowing dramatically

The Wages of Vin

Ray Liotta joins COCAINE BEAR movie at UNIVERSAL

James White on Restoring Movies for Arrow Films

CAMEO plans ONLY FANS rival, will double revenue in 2021

EUPHORIA creator and The Weeknd working on new HBO series

The Rock sets Holiday-adventure movie at AMAZON

MGM gets Channing Tatum "Island" movie from Zoe Kravitz


SEINFELD doing Pop Tarts movie at NETFLIX

TWITTER launches Paid subscriptions and Ticketed audio events for accounts

Netflix Shuffles Into Its Awkward Tweens

Jake Gyllenhaal & Vanessa Kirby doing deserted island movie

NETFLIX orders LA LAKERS comedy series, Mindy Kaling producing

DR DRE producing Marvin Gaye biopic at WB

Summer Reading!

Ewan McGregor doing EVEREST movie with BOURNE director

Channing Tatum, Zoe Kravitz doing movie I can't type the title of here

The Box Office Strikes Back!

Jack Black & Ice Cube set for comedy at SONY

Natalie Portman & Julianne Moore team up for new movie

The Buck Flops Here

Seth MacFarlane's TED getting PEACOCK TV show

Jonathan Taplin on Working With Dylan, Scorsese, and the Rolling Stones

James Emanuel Shapiro on Cannes and the Business of Film Festivals

MacGruber PEACOCK series gets stellar cast

Mike Myers sets NETFLIX comedy series cast

UNIVERSAL sets NY Times WEINSTEIN movie leads

The Rock producing Yahya Abdul-Mateen II action movie at WB

John Boyega leaves NETFLIX movie mid-shoot for family reasons

CREED III sets Apollo's nemesis at WB

Taylor Swift joins David O. Russell's next movie at FOX

F9 drops 85% at China box office in week 2

The Lion Weeps Tonight

NETFLIX buys Anna Kendrick 70's serial killer movie project

Frank Pallotta on the MGM/Amazon Deal, F9 in China, and the Summer Movie Season

SPIELBERG casts newcomer in lead role for next movie

Charlize Theron to star in NETFLIX surfing movie

WB's new WILLY WONKA is Timotheé Chalamet

NETFLIX exploring Gaming, Podcast businesses

FRI: HOCUS POCUS cast returning for a sequel

DISNEY+ has 50% of NETFLIX’s subscriber count, but only 17% of its revenue

Eddie Muller on TCM, Film Noir, and the HFPA's Charitable Work

Cher getting a biopic at UNIVERSAL

Twilight of The Telephonies


WARNER MEDIA CEO negotiating exit


The Rock’s “Jungle Cruise” adds $30 DISNEY+ rental this July

Jon Finkel on 1996's sports movies and athletes on sports cinema

Denzel and McDormand movie to APPLE TV

Kiefer Sutherland doing spy series at PARAMOUNT+

Let's All Do the Grandstand The Golden Globes!

Dave Bautista joining KNIVES OUT 2 at NETFLIX

Idris Elba doing WB action pic in $1 Mil spec sale

The 2021 Showbiz State of the Union

AMAZON buys SONY's Camila Cabello "Cinderella" movie

Jesse Nelson of Diabolik DVD Discusses the Boutique Blu-ray Biz

Blake Lively to lead NETFLIX Dark Horse Comics movie

Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal team-up to produce memoir

APPLE TV+ buys another Tom Hanks movie

HBOMAX sets "Green Lantern" series lead

CLARIFICATION on ROKU/YouTube TV removal thing

FRI: HBOMAX adds Toni Collette to Colin Firth limited series

Chris Fenton on China, the Oscars, and the MCU

PEACOCK hits 42 Mil signups, gets Josh Gad + Isla Fisher comedy series

Clooney / Roberts rom-com adds Kaitlyn Dever

NETFLIX buys Lin-Manuel SONY animated movie

Train Wreck at the Train Station

MORTAL KOMBAT has biggest R-rated movie opening in 14 months

Streams Like Old Times

FRI: DISNEY+ OBI-WAN show adds Pen15 star

Nicholas Jarecki on 'Crisis,' Opioids, Releasing a Movie During COVID, and Armie Hammer

NETFLIX setting KISS biopic deal

Emilia Clarke joins MARVEL DISNEY+ series

Vin Diesel doing Rock’em/Sock’em Robot movie at UNIVERSAL

MON: Producer Scott Rudin "stepping back" from Broadway

Dome Alone

Megan Ganz on 'Mythic Quest' and Comedies in the Covid Age

FRI: Carey Mulligan joins Adam Sandler NETFLIX movie

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO and NETFLIX both now have over 200 Million subscribers. They are not equal.

THU: Hugh Jackman & Laura Dern doing next movie from "The Father" director

WED: Natalie Portman set as lead for new HBO Film

TUE: Ryan Gosling 1950's movie sold to NEON

MON: Harrison Ford + Phoebe Waller-Bridge for INDY JONES 5

Mr. Potatohead

FRI: Spielberg sets Paul Dano for his new movie

Richard Rushfield on Scott Rudin, Bad Boss, and More!

THU: Chris Pratt vs Tom Cruise for July 4th weekend, sorta

WED: Daniel Craig making up to $100 Million for KNIVES OUT sequels

TUE: HBOMAX orders 70s erotic magazine show

MON: Salma Hayek joins Gaga GUCCI movie

Fri APR 2: HULU lands 1619 NY Times + Oprah docuseries

How the NFT goes Hollywood

How to create and sell a NFT

David Thomson on His 'History of Movie Directors'

APR 1: KNIVES OUT gets 2 sequels... at NETFLIX

WED: OSCARS add London, Paris locations for talent

TUE: DISNEY+ sets "Obi-Wan" series cast

MON: ComicCon sets Nov in-person Convention

ViacomCBS lost over 50% of its market value in a week - why?

Like a Candle in the Window

Sean O'Connell on the Grassroots Efforts to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

FRI Mar 26 - John Wick director sets new SONY movie

THU: Chris Rock, Guy Ritchie fill MAY Summer Movie Release void

WED Mar 24: A QUIET PLACE 2 now kicks off Summer Movie Theater season

TUE 3.23 - Keanu Reeves sets NETFLIX movie for his new comic

MON 3.22 - Daniel Radcliffe set as villain in Bullock + Tatum action romance

Where the New Normals Meet the Road

FRI 3.19.21 - OSCARS to be IRL only, no Zoom speeches

Tom Shone on Christopher Nolan

THU 3.18.21: VENOM sequel moves to Fall

WED 3.17.21 ☘️: Tom Hiddleston joins Claire Danes at APPLE TV+ series

Emergency Edition: Nom Com

TUE 3.16.21 : Clive Owen + Scott Frank doing TV series

MON 3.15.21 : Oscar noms day + HBOMAX growth plans laid out

FRI 3.12.21: NETFLIX buys Dev Patel directed movie for $30 Mil

Mike Malloy on the Business of Blu-ray Supplements

THU 3.11.21: Natalie Portman + Lupita Nyong'o at APPLE TV+

WED 3.10.21: Spielberg sets next movie

TUE 3.9.21: Meghan & Harry set UK 2021 ratings high

MON 3.8.21: NETFLIX pays $55 Million for Christian Bale movie

FRI 3.5.21: A QUIET PLACE 2, F9 shift again

Mean Seats

Scott Feinberg on the Business of Hollywood Awards Season

THU 3.4.21: DISNEY+ sets Hanks "Pinocchio" cast

WED 3.3.21: NETFLIX buys Colin Firth WWII movie

TUE 3.2.21: Spike Lee + HBO 9/11 themed docuseries

Morning After Report: Global Warning

MON 3.1.21: Clooney + Roberts for RomCom at Universal

The Long Road to Zero

FRI 2.26.21 : Soderbergh + Zoe Kravitz for HBOMAX movie

Abraham Riesman on the Rise (and Fall) of Stan Lee

All the new PARAMOUNT+ stuff in one list

WED 2.24.21: Tina Fey & Jon Hamm doing John Slattery directed dark comedy

TUE 2.23.21 : Guy Ritchie + Jerry Bruckheimer for WWII spy action movie

MON 2.22.21: Paramount re-doing THE RUNNING MAN with Edgar Wright

Peak of the Devil

FRI : Joaquin Phoenix + "Midsommar" director at A24

Harold Mintz on the Past, Present, and Future of CinemaScore

THU 2.18.21 : NETFLIX gets "The Addams Family" spinoff show directed by Tim Burton

WED 2.17.21 : Jordan Peele sets cast for next movie

TUE 2.16.21 : Paranormal Activity, The Real World get reboots

FRI 2.12.21 : GOT creators set new NETFLIX show + Weekend Movie/TV preview

Alan Zilberman on life as a critic during awards season

THU 2.11.21 : HBO cuts ties with Mike Judge

WED 2.10.21 : Wizard Of Oz + Watchmen director / The Best Man Tv show + Peacock / Sandra Bullock + Brad Pitt movie

TUE 2.9.21 : Amazon lands big YA series, Paramount sets $2 mil book rights deal

MON 2.8.21 : Lana Condor + NETFLIX re-teaming, YELLOWSTONE gets a prequel

What Remains

FRI Feb 5: QUESTLOVE Sundance doc sold, HARRY STYLES doing Amazon movie and more

Glenn Kenny on 'Goodfellas,' Martin Scorsese, and the Business of Movie Books

THU 2.4.21 : GOLDEN GLOBES snubs, NETFLIX writes $15 mil SUNDANCE check

WED 2.3.21 : "Wicked" movie gets director, more NBCU layoffs

TUE 2.2.21 : JLO + NETFLIX, SATC, Wakanda TV series and more

MON 2.1.21 : CLOVERFIELD lives! and more

Robbie on Mulligan

FRI 1.29.21 : Armie Hammer out as lead in PARAMOUNT+ series / Jared Leto, Aronofsky re-teaming / SPONGEBOB movie goes to PAR+ / COMCAST entering streaming device game?

Call Me Not Responsible

Frank Pallotta on the State of Streaming

THU 1.28.21 : BRIDGERTON audience growth / Ton of TV Series renewals / FB user # news / WARNER MEDIA takes huge write downs and more.

WED 1.27.21 : New HBO MAX's user #s analyzed / "Modern Family" coming to streaming / Lotta Movie news and more.

TUE 1.26.21. TOMB RAIDER gets new writer/director, ton of TV casting and more...

Mon 1.25.21. Movie theaters pretty much abandoned til May by Studios... WWE Streaming to PEACOCK... SNL hosts for next 3 wks... NBCSN RIP and more

Spring 2021 movie release calendar... evaporates. Plus the new stuff to watch this weekend

Peter Labuza on Antitrust, Hollywood, and Big Tech

Breathing Again

Chris McKenna on 'Community' and Writing for TV and Movies

The Civil War Cometh; Where Do Studios Goeth?