Robbie on Mulligan

A little follow-up on yesterday’s discussion of the Great Variety Promising Young Woman Review Apology.

It turns out that way back a month ago, Margot Robbie herself had some thoughts on whether it was surprising to see Carey Mulligan cast as the lead as opposed to say, someone like herself.

From an interview with Margot Robbie in THR, December 18, 2020

I watched the film thinking Carey Mulligan is wonderful, but it just as easily could have been you. How was the decision made?

ROBBIE I was like, "I think I'm who people would expect to be cast in this." But the most delightful thing about Promising Young Woman is that it takes you by surprise, and I just felt like I wouldn't be that surprising — me doing these kinds of things with people's perception of who I am and the characters that I've played. Carey Mulligan, however, is an actress that has this air of prestige around her. She's in period dramas. Throw her in Promising Young Woman, and people's minds get blown.

Hmm. So Margot Robbie needs to apologize Carey Mulligan as well?

Further reading adding to the literature on this case:

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