Hollywood’s Apocalypse Next

Sometimes it’s not a question of how many apocalypses (apocalyii?) you want, it’s how many apocalyii you can carry. As if we don’t have enough disruption, turmoil and threats to the very fundaments of our business to keep us busy, get ready to take a wrecking ball to this hellscape. Remember back in 2017, when to back away from the strike precipice, the WGA signed a short-term contract kicking the can down the road on the major issues for just a few years? Well, welcome to down the road, and as often happens when we plan to meet here, the problems are now more intractable then we left them, and the positions of the various parties are harder, tougher, and more insecure than they were two years ago. Which makes this a good moment to kick off ANKLER STRIKEWATCH 2020!™ You thought the WGA/ATA stuff was kerfuffle enough for one

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