May 3 • 26M

On the Ground with the WGA Picketers

The Ankler team talked to strikers at the gates of the studios and streamers

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‘UPBEAT BUT NOT COMBATIVE’ The scene outside Paramount on day one. (credit: Richard Rushfield)


In a special Strikegeist episode, Elaine Low and Richard Rushfield join Sean McNulty to report back what they are seeing and hearing (and the who’s who) at the picket lines across town. “Upbeat but not combative,” says Rushfield, who took in the scene outside Paramount. Also: why a short-term resolution doesn’t seem likely (10:36); takeaways from Elaine’s interview with WGA lead negotiator Ellen Stutzman (11:24); awkwardness surrounding FYC events (22:18); and why AI has more than just writers worried (13:21).

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