Jan 11 • 29M

Why it Worked: Jason Blum and James Wan on 'M3GAN'

Horror's hitmakers reveal how small budgets are a secret to creative success

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ALL DOLLED UP James Wan and Jason Blum, dressed as the titular killer robot M3GAN, at the film’s premiere in December. (Alberto Rodriguez/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)


Host Sean McNulty wanted to start the New Year with stories of success in a new Ankler podcast series, Why it Worked. First up: horror’s top hitmakers, Blumhouse’s Jason Blum and Atomic Monster’s James Wan, the powerhouses behind low-budget smash M3GAN. The two talk the viral TikTok dance trend, what made the movie and campaign work, how they look at tracking (or don’t), and why the studios and streamers struggle to produce their own low-budget, high-margin hits. Will there be a M3GAN sequel? The duo answer, as well as questions around how they work together, the status of their merger, and future plans. As Blum puts it: Thank God this one part of the business is still working!”

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