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Pod: Unraveling the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writer Scandal

Pod: Unraveling the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writer Scandal

The reporter who broke the story reveals new details. Plus: Chapek, Cuomo, Smollett and...the Play-Doh movie?!
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Grey’s Anatomy’s “Silent All These Years” episode featured a cameo by Finch (right) as a nurse. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

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The Ankler’s Peter Kiefer broke the remarkably strange story that has Hollywood buzzing about Elisabeth Finch. The star Grey’s Anatomy writer, following accusations she may have made up parts of her extraordinary medical history, is currently on administrative leave and the subject of a current investigation by Disney. On this episode of Ankler Hot Seat, Kiefer joins hosts Janice Min, Richard Rushfield and Tatiana Siegel to reveal how and when he first heard whispers about something gone awry in the Grey’s Anatomy writers room, and then how he tracked down the details of a story no one wanted to talk about. As part of his reporting, he had a phone conversation with Finch’s wife (they are in the process of divorcing) and called Finch herself. Kiefer confirmed that questions around the veracity of at least parts of Finch’s life story, one that includes cataclysmic medical traumas — and detailed in personal essays in Elle, the Shondaland website, and multiple times in The Hollywood Reporter — were raised to Disney and Shondaland through Finch’s wife. Later, our hosts discuss why Bob Chapek seems to bear the brunt of “Don't Say Gay” controversy when no other leader does, the coming cultural storm about to hit with Georgia’s own bill, what on-air talent Chris Cuomo names in his $125 million lawsuit, and if there is a path to redemption for Jussie Smollet. Please join us every Friday for another episode of Ankler Hot Seat.


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