Sep 1 • 40M

How to Quit Hollywood

A former hotshot TV writer on why — and how — she said goodbye to the industry

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As the strike continues to crush the industry, the idea of throwing in the towel likely has crossed the minds of many. Former TV writer Patty Lin (Breaking Bad, Freaks and Geeks, Friends) actually took the leap in 2009 after industry toxicity overwhelmed her. “Artists are passionate about what they do, but I didn’t want that to take over my life in a way where I was sacrificing my mental health and relationships,” says Lin, who discusses her dishy new memoir. Also: how N.Y. and L.A. pickets differ (1:17), the chaos that awaits if and when the strike ends (6:03), the psychological turning point of Labor Day (2:45), and why streaming transparency could lead to more interesting star-driven projects (10:21).

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