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Netflix is Growing. Just Not in the U.S.

Netflix is Growing. Just Not in the U.S.

Unpacking the Q3 numbers as its execs dunk on the competition
BULLS RIDING? Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings from today’s YouTube pre-taped earnings presentation. (Courtesy of Netflix)


Netflix took a victory lap on Tuesday with its Q3 earnings report that revealed — surprise! —the company beat its revenue forecast (or, as host Sean McNulty likes to say, Netflix underpromised and overdelivered). In a special episode recorded at Advertising Week in New York, McNulty, Janice Min and Richard Rushfield break down the ad tier (9:00); the streamer’s 2.4 million subscriber growth stagnating in the U.S., but exploding in Asia (1:09); the company’s not-so-subtle roasting of its money-losing competition (5:35); the comeback of Ryan Murphy with Dahmer (6:52) and its dunk on House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power; the streamer’s theatrical plans for Glass Onion (12:26), and Netflix’s commitment to gaming but not sports (21:57).

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