Sep 15 • 24M

Lies, Whispers, Rumors: a Strike Struck

What a runaway tale about a top showrunner meeting with the WGA revealed about agents — and an industry's anguish

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Since the last round of talks between the WGA and AMPTP on Aug. 22, the deafening silence that fell over Hollywood kicked the rumor mill into overdrive. “This is a function of this stage of the strike where there's a vacuum of information… coupled with a deep sense of distress and desperation to try and figure this thing out,” says Peter Kiefer, who, together with Elaine Low, unraveled the real story of a proposed meeting between showrunners Kenya Barris, Noah Hawley and WGA leadership — and the agent-led whisper campaign behind it. Also: Richard Rushfield calls both sides to task for squabbling over process and procedure: “The rest of the industry should not be asked… to give up a year of income over a fight over whose turn it is to present something.”

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