Martini Shot: Pitch Room Chit-ChatListen now | Rob Long on the value of awkward, meandering, fake-jokey conversation

January 2023

Martini Shot: Digital Absolution Listen now (11 min) | Rob Long asks for forgiveness for never watching that show from that streamer you sent him
Martini Shot: One Panic Attack Away Listen now (12 min) | Rob Long on the upside-downside equilibrium of success
Martini Shot: 'Congrats. I Guess'Listen now (12 min) | The insincerity of awards season is upon us

December 2022

Martini Shot: Kirstie Listen now (9 min) | Rob Long on 'Cheers', Scientology and 'one of the most talented people I've ever worked with'
Martini Shot: If Writers Gave Execs Notes Listen now (11 min) | Rob Long also on tell-tale signs you should be an industry suit

November 2022

Martini Shot: The Town is Shutting Down Listen now (11 min) | The art of getting deals done during the holidays and that sense of always being late
Martini Shot: Danger in the Trades Listen now (13 min) | Rob Long on the perils of hyped-up industry announcements
Martini Shot: Turned Away at the Studio GatesListen now (15 min) | Rob Long on superstitions and finding signs
Martini Shot: The Olive Garden Analogy Listen now (13 min) | Every exec and agent paid to say they like your stuff would do well to work on a set with the gaffers
Martini Shot: The 'Produced-By' GuyListen now (14 min) | Rob Long remembers an unsung hero of TV sitcoms

October 2022

Martini Shot: Timing Your Exit Listen now (14 min) | Recognizing when to call a wrap on your career — before someone calls it for you