Apr 26, 2021Liked by Richard Rushfield

I tuned out at 9:15. The whole cinematic look merely made it look like a movie about an awards ceremony.

The Oscars are in a no-win situation. People have complained about movies winning only because they're popular. So now that the winners are more obscure, the complaint is "Nobody saw it!" People complain about winners getting driven off stage by the orchestra. But when they're told to blab on as long as they want, the complaint is they talked too much.

The show desperately needs a comedic host to stand in for the viewer. Johnny Carson, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Chris Rock all did a great job in making us think that while they were part of the business, they also knew (wink wink) it was all nonsense.

More than ever, the question has become: Why does anybody watch this for anything other than hoping to see a disaster?

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Apr 27, 2021Liked by Richard Rushfield

I can't tell you how much I agree with Richard on all of this. Train wreck indeed.

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