Richard, have you received any blowback on this ? If people are not refuting it can we assume that they agree with it? Is the horse race aspect actually valuable to media , print and digital? I know that certain journos make a living on this stuff (Anne Thompson comes to mind , I bought and READ her weak book on the race a few years ago)

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You know, the mixed blessing of being a newsletter instead of being on a traditional site is that people who are bothered by my stuff have the room to pretend they dont notice it instead of coming and having to fight for every inch of ground as they do everywhere else. So the blowback usually drifts back to me second hand.

In general, the Oscar race denizens don't travel much out of their own circle offline or on..And the last thing they want is to call extra attention to the gravy train.

I will stand up for Anne though. A hard-working, serious reporter and free of the hyperventilating and hyperbole that defines the rest of the awards beat.

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