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The culture wars moved to a new battleground. The piece is unexpected, insightful, encyclopaedic in scope yet so accurately captures the temper of the times.

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An excellent piece. My husband and I watch several cooking shows regularly, including Fox’s Master Chef (featuring Gordon Ramsey) and Food Network’s Beating Bobby Flay. We particularly enjoy Master Chef because it regularly includes a diverse lineup of talented amateur chefs, many of whom leverage their appearance on the show to move on to a culinary career. I confess I’ve bought a couple of things from Martha Stewart’s website, too. (BTW, you missed a golden opportunity to link to another great SNL parody, this one of a topless Jan Hooks playing Martha Stewart doing homey indoor AND outdoor Christmas-holiday activities.) I don’t watch Renee Drummond’s show, since to me she plays up the “just a country girl” schtick a bit much for someone who (as you point out) lives on a huge ranch and is extremely wealthy. When she starts cooking on a wood stove with wood she had to chop herself and water she had to pump from the well outside (as my grandmother and other REAL pioneer women did), THEN I’ll watch.

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