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First of all, the background picture of Pivtorak‘s Twitter page is the Tower of Babel. But more importantly, when talking about the story of the what sounds like a frivolous lawsuit against the Brentwood school, I don’t think we all have to keep using the right wing narrative of so called “woke” curricula. If teaching kids the real history of the US is somehow bad I am not sure what the reason for history classes are. As a German I had to endure three years of history classes about the Holocaust, I did not consider that “woke” or otherwise un-German. I considered it to be a necessity. As we have conversations about what is going on in this country I think it would be good to avoid using politicized words that in itself have an agenda … words like woke or mainstream media. They are all words designed with an idea of push a narrative. Changing the conversation to what is actually happening … we want to teach an inclusive history is what is happening and I honestly can’t see anything wrong with that.

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Points taken Carsten, and smart ones. Thank you

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