Great Ep thanks Rob!

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Rob, I loved your reference to A.C. Lyles. I was such a huge fan of his. Yes, his gentlemanly style and approach to Hollywood was always so interesting to me. I don't think there is a bio of him. Would you ever consider writing a biography of A.C. Lyles? It would be an instant hit for us way below the line, show biz loving types. I hope you'll consider it. All my very best, Vince Staskel

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Rob - I really enjoyed your interview on The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -

Started me down the rabbit warren of your content -

interesting postcard fragments from your journey -

@ 1:24:59 As you were saying good bye to Mike and Chuck - you said -

"General Announcement that... I am available" - So I am reaching out -

I am working on a project(s) -

I would love it if I could interest you ...

Roger Whittaker -604.414.6266 -

I live at the beginning of Highway 101 - in Powell River, Canada - so just up the street...

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Hey Roger -- many thanks for this, and for listening to the podcast I did with Mike, which was a lot of fun to do. Alas, as available as I am, I am absolutely forbidden by my lawyer to talk about anybody else's projects or ideas unless they come from a studio or network or company -- too many lawsuits, I'm afraid, and this is sort of an industry-wide policy. Best of luck on your projects, though!

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Rob -- Thanks for the quick response - I appreciate the caveat from lawyers - they also play a huge part in my daily income job as a Marine Surveyor - Liability Insurance has commenced a deep and satisfying "loving relationship" between my self and the representatives that stand between me and the courts when a client decides I have improperly served their desired outcome -

By the way I have a Production Company - it is called Laston Lastoff Productions Inc.-

I have a small Studio space with a small Sound Stage with built in Green Screen as well as my own broadcast steaming space built with proprietary code to run the broadcast - etc etc etc -- as well as tons of equipment and access to reasonably priced talent & equipment -- -- I do lack intelligent foil for my ideas --- "Iron Sharpens as One Man Sharpens Another" ------ Maybe when I am a little closer to ready I will get the law office I use to send your reps a letter :) of invitation -

I should also let you know I have subscribed to Martini Shot on Spotify and paid to subscribe to this page (substack) because I quickly saw there was value in your meanderings -- Same for The way I heard It - I listen for the 'How-To-Portions' rolled into the yack yack yack - Martini Shot is so funny - which makes the pills wrapped in hamburger easier to swallow - I also shared Martini Shot with some industry knowledgeable friends - still waiting to hear how they like it --

I look forward to watching over your shoulder as you exclaim there is yellow in the riffles - then I will squat beside you and watch carefully to how you shake the pan - I will one day too exclaim (quietly of course to avoid claim jumpers) - that there is a glimmer of yellow in my own jumble ...

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