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Congratulations, WGA (and SAG). You have just assured yourselves that the scheduled meeting between the WGA and corporate CEOs either does Not take place, or that the agreement between both parties does not happen. And all that took place was cyber bullying. Is that not what you say on Twitter/X? Bullying works, with a smile on your face emoji. Have you not noticed that the targets of this recent cyber bullying are women? Specifically Black women and, with respect to Drew Barrymore, someone who certain people want to break? People who are anxious to take down Sir Steven Spielberg? No need for me to elaborate, but if you know, you know. And of course, these people are attempting to cyber bully Bill Maher; yet that never works and rightly so.

This cyber bullying will continue and does not end your strikes. If anything, it prolongs the strikes. And it will increase the likelihood of Drew Barrymore's show, the Talk, Jennifer Hudson's show and The View to end outright. This will also not change the course of the Walt Disney Company divesting their ownership of ABC and other terrestrial networks to someone like Byron Allen while at the same time gaining 100% ownership of Hulu and enough money to purchase Candle Media or, more likely, sell their assets to Apple. The Disney-Apple partnership will form into one corporation; interestingly this would not happen if Disney had kept Sky and not Comcast buying Sky. Furthermore, this action will not stop the cancellation of the Emmys and other award shows; the probability of the cancellation of the Oscars, nor the eventual termination of the deals that are already in suspended status. This also means that there is indeed a growing Anti-Semitism in this industry. Again, if you know, you know.

And now, the WGA and SAG strikes are not all important. The UAW strikes are more important, as expected. Sadly, hot labor summer has resulted in a conservative and Donald Trump inspired backlash. The recent aggregate polls and individual polls suggest that Pres. Joe Biden will lose the popular vote to Donald Trump next year. Even this November, we will see a Republican net gain in governors with Democrats in Louisiana effectively throwing the election to the leading Republican Jeff Landry.

I hate saying this, but we may have to conclude that we Democrats can win next year, but only if Pres. Biden is not running. Otherwise, we may need to mentally prepare for a Trump reelection next year. And if that happens, the entertainment industry that we have come to know, and love will be gone. I am already hearing talks from these Republican acolytes of nationalizing film and tv and internet; and instituting a new Hays Code. If not turning Hollywood into an outright propaganda machine for the socially right wing. Do not think it will never happen, because it certainly will if we allow Donald Trump to return. The corporations and those in the entertainment industry who are Jewish understand this. One needs only to look at a past political movement that was fiscally liberal yet socially conservative to see what happened.

To our unionized brothers and sisters: the Trump movement and the new nationalists are your enemy. Not the studios, not the corporations, not fellow Democratic and independent politicians, not AI, not IATSE, not Bill Maher, not the DGA, and not the Black, Female and Jewish communities. None of these people or communities I have mentioned now and recently turned into the next Emil Jannings. Once more, if you know, you know. End this labor dispute ASAP; accept the deals the corporations will make for the WGA, which will assuredly be better just by having walked off the job initially. But settle this and go after the real enemies of industry and the intellectual world: the new nationalists and reactionary conservative movements who are currently leading the polls. A movement which has already gotten hold of quite a select few people. But we hope to get those brainwashed back to sanity. It will need to take Hollywood to stop punching itself in the face for that to happen. Which is something I have not seen recently. Prove yourselves wrong and me wrong.

Best Wishes,

Robert Kelly

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