Ziffren Brittenham's co-founder on what we get wrong when we discuss competition
PAR's lower ticket price gambit / CHRISTIAN TV show out-earns most OSCAR noms / WB, JJ & Leo get Stephen King book rights
A new series coming, and a catch-up on our recent best
Actors' New Job Anxiety: 'Everyone's Afraid' Jetzt anhören (43 min) | 'Better Things' star Rebecca Metz gets personal about how hard it's become to make a living: 'I have a lot of friends who have…
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PAR PICS COO departs / APPLE, AMAZON miss #s / Peltz targets the DIS Board seat that the wants in new campaign
Media hype, bad market predictions: forces turned a tiny industry into a runaway train wreck and what to learn from it
BRILLSTEIN up for sale? / NETFLIX's unique Super Bowl push / SIRIUSXM to lose Subs in 2023, hits all 2022 metrics
Martini Shot: Pitch Room Chit-ChatListen now | Rob Long on the value of awkward, meandering, fake-jokey conversation
Even familiar faces on TV are having a hard time making ends meet: 'I have to live'
PEACOCK ends new Free-tier signups / YOU PEOPLE's good but not great NFLX start / DC lays out a very detailed future

January 2023

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➕ the Riseborough affair and its discontents