The fact that Hollywood has been waiting for this dossier to come crashing out literally for, as the headline says, decades, that it all but exploded two years ago before going back into its shell, didn’t make the site of the hammer falling on Harvey Grabberhands any less dramatic. In fact, as damaging as the NYT piece was, Harvey’s statement was even worse and would be enough to get a person run out of most counties all by itself, without even knowing what he’s accused of. It’s a document that graduate seminars will study for decades to come as a textbook example of Hollywood sociopathy in full regalia. The story is unfolding, and will keep unfolding but here’s some early takeaways: The Weinstein revelations are part of a story that’s been playing out all year. To date, 2017’s fallen include: LA Reid, Dr. Luke, Harry Knowles, a blogger, a programmer, maybe still the nation’s major indie

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