(from the October 3 issue of The Ankler) Just last week, I reported on the ongoing trickle away from Culver City becoming a veritable flood as producers and executives seem to be racing for the door to escape what is described as an atmosphere of generally bereft misery under the Rothman reign – an era that the smart money now says isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. After the last item, it was pointed out to me that in my honor role of evacuees I had neglected to include the studio’s head of lit development, Ryan Doherty, a previously reported exit to the publishing world. However – it gets worse!  Not only did Doherty hit the bricks, but his heir apparent in the book department, Phil Cohen, also fled to Warners, pretty much wiping the slate clean on the leadership of the entire group. I’m told that Sanford Panitch made a

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