The Path of the Bob: A Six Billion Dollar Tale – Ankler Special Edition!

The Weinstein Way in Hollywood has always been a path of extremes. And it has involved more than just harassment and abuse. It’s a way of doing business calculated to wrench the maximum possible amounts of acrimony, angst and aggravation out of any project or deal.  On that score, The Weinstein Company’s last remaining Weinstein plays no second fiddle to his bombastic brethren. Now that brother two has moved into the limelight and taken charge of the shattered remains of The Weinstein Company, is a new era of sanity and level-headed filmmaking in store? Is Bob just the man to lead this flock away from of the wreckage and the shenanigans? There’s one film project in particular, that brings The Bob Way to life.  It’s the story of a film’s year odyssey that has become a Through the Looking Glass voyage for all involved; a film project that won’t die, thanks to the sheer force of one man, and the

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