Getting Yelled at By Celebrities at Sundance, Parts 1 – 4

In honor of this year’s Sundance Festival, I’m reprinting here a little series I wrote circa 2006 on my Tumblr blog, now long gone.   Around that time I covered the Sundance Festival for the LA Times and I think I was fortunate enough to catch the apex of the festival Swag Suite A-hole’dom phase.   Here then are my memories of the times I was stupid in the presence of celebrities at Sundance, and they got mad about it, originally printed sometime about a decade ago. Getting Yelled at By Celebrities at Sundance Stardust Memories: Part 1. Pierce Brosnan The annual advent of Sundance brings back many wonderful memories: some unforgettable movies, nights riding the wrong shuttle bus to distant snowy reaches, the comradery with fellow reporters that can only be had when you are travelling on someone else’s dime, plates of free short ribs. But most of all when I think

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