The fact that Hollywood has been waiting for this dossier to come crashing out literally for, as the headline says, decades, that it all but exploded two years ago before going back into its shell, didn’t make the site of the hammer falling on Harvey Grabberhands any less dramatic.

In fact, as damaging as the NYT piece wasHarvey’s statement was even worse and would be enough to get a person run out of most counties all by itself, without even knowing what he’s accused of. It’s a document that graduate seminars will study for decades to come as a textbook example of Hollywood sociopathy in full regalia.

The story is unfolding, and will keep unfolding but here’s some early takeaways:

  • The Weinstein revelations are part of a story that’s been playing out all year. To date, 2017’s fallen include: LA Reid, Dr. Luke, Harry Knowles, a blogger, a programmer, maybe still the nation’s major indie theater chain and now, Harvey Weinstein.  That’s getting to be a pretty substantial body count, and it’s not even Halloween.
  • Anyone who thinks this stops here they are dreaming.
  • This cycle will keep playing out. Sexually repugnant behavior remains not just part of the entertainment industry culture of the entertainment industry in ways that would make politicians blush.
  • What’s in The Story these days is almost irrelevant, when everyone knows there’s a problem. The story is just the starting gun for the riot to begin. All well and good if when the accounting is done, the person turns out to be guilty 1000 times over, as will be the case here. But one of these days, we’re going to gloss over the fine print and pull down someone who didn’t earn that honor. And that will be uncomfortable.
  • The day when the harassed knew their place and kept their mouths shut in Hollywood is passing. More are going to come forward.  To the people who have behaved this way for so long and counted on the entire weight of the industry’s culture to protect them, it’s going to look like the army of the dead rising up in vengeance.
  • And when the victims come forward, no one is a protected species anymore.  Your high position no longer makes you immune.  Your support of liberal causes won’t save you. (Note that almost everyone on this year’s list were very vocal in support of the right causes). Coolness won’t save you.  And certainly, a blustery, go-f-yourself statement like we got today won’t save you.

Early this week, in response to the scuttlebutt that Weinstein was gearing up to fight,Lisa Bloom responded to THR “Harvey Weinstein is obviously excellent at assembling a legal team,” said Bloom in a statement, summing up their ultimate response to anyone who dares challenge a Hollywood grandee.

That has always been what it came down to. We’ve got the entire world on our side – an entertainment industry united in its determination to bury trouble makers, an endless line of people dying to take your place in it, the leaders of the liberal world – Presidents of the United States and would be Presidents kissing up to us and yukking it up in our back yards, the total indifference of the trade media and ultimately, if need be, the full weight of the legal system, of which the chieftains can buy endless use of.

Today, really may be looked back as a historic day when for perhaps the first time, all those forces said, we’re not doing this anymore.  But that depends on where this goes next.