Just a few quick thoughts on the occasion of the reunification of House CBS with House Viacom: • Okay, so now what?  They’re a fading legacy network and the last place film studio cobbled together.  Whoopee! • Is this new creation going to get it together to go all-in with the CBS app and make its own streaming project that’s going to go head to head with Disney, Netflix, Amazon, et al?   Really? • Or are they going to get bought up now?  Presumably by the same people who have been just thiiiiiiis close to buying Sony every week for the past five years. Maybe the reunion finally puts the last block into place so someone can swoop down, buy Sony, Paramount, Lion’s Gate, MGM, STX, Annapurna, Lorimar, Cannon Films and whomever else is hanging around and mesh them all together to create the great fabled fourth studio of legend;

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