Oi Gevalt AMPAS

Now, it’s great news that AMPAS is walking away from an ill-conceived idea which would’ve undermined their entire existence, so let’s not look a gift horse and all. But on the other hand . . . Oy gevalt! If say, you saw the Midwest regional division of some insurance conglomerate having a very public nervous breakdown about the speakers and presentations lineup for its quarterly sales meeting, you’d shrug your shoulders and say, well, Midwestern regional divisions of insurance conglomerates aren’t in show biz. They’re not used to this kind of attention, so let’s cut them some slack. But the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is in show business. By all rights, it should have a very good idea how attractive it is to stage a multi-year nervous breakdown on a public stage. Yet this keeps happening! Thankfully, the NYT story explains how it’s all the fault of these darn governors and

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