Dark Side of the Moonves

This is a preview of today’s edition of The Ankler, the entertainment industry’s most feared newsletter.  A lot to unpack in the news of recent weeks, since The Ankler lit out for the fjords. A year ago, if you had to name the most successful MVP Executives of movies and TV, the people who had brought the most billions in value to their respective companies, you could’ve made a credible case for John Lasseter and Les Moonves as the two obvious picks. Cert,ainly they’d each be in the running for the prizes. So we can’t say The Reckoning is just flesh wounds anymore. This may not be the most the most significant angle, but a very interesting one for me is the insight the Moonves revelations give into just how much has changed in the past year. Outwardly, things have changed completely. Executive class bad behavior–of all sorts–is being punished

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